Eva Marie
Eva Marie. Image Credits: Twitter


Eva Marie is an American professional wrestler who is also famous as an actress, fashion designer, and a model. She never worked outside of any other professional wrestling promotions outside of WWE. She had two different runs in WWE and even in a short amount of time, she earned a big fan base. She was also famous for her participation in Total Divas television series.

Eva Marie Height, Weight, Age & More:

The billed height of Marie is 5’8” and her billed weight is 125 lbs. She was born on September 19, 1984 and currently the former WWE star is 39 year old. She did not get to work in any other professional wrestling promotion and it is believed by a lot of fans that she received her WWE break because of her excellent physique.

Eva Marie
Eva Marie. Image Credits: Twitter

Eva Marie: Age, Height, Weight, Husband, Net Worth, Family, Injury Details, Tattoo, and Other Unknown Facts

Eva Marie Early Life

Marie was born on September 19, 1984 and currently, she is 39 year old. Walnut Creek, California is the place where Eva Marie born. She was raised in Concord, California along with her three older brothers. Marie always wanted to be a professional footballer (soccer) and she played as a striker. However, an ankle injury ended her footballing dreams.

Who is Eva Marie

Eva Marie is a 39 year old American professional wrestler, actress, fashion designer, and a model. She had two separate runs in WWE and she did not work in any other professional wrestling promotions apart from WWE. She is also famous among the fans for her participation in the famous television series Total Divas. Presently, she is not active in any wrestling promotion.

Eva Marie WWE Debut

Before making her on screen WWE debut, Marie appeared on Total Divas as a regular member of the show. She made her on screen WWE debut in July 2013 in an episode of Monday Night RAW along with her co Total Divas stars. She made her in ring debut in October of the same year in a six woman tag team match where she teamed up with JoJo and Natalya to defeat the team of Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Rosa Mendes in a six woman tag team match.

Professional Wrestling Career

WWE Diva Search 2013

Marie signed a professional contract with WWE back in 2013 and she started receiving her early training in the WWE Performance Centre after winning the WWE Diva Search competition of2013. It is said that she came across a WWE casting call “by chance” and she won a four week tryout. Even before making her WWE debut, she was started to be treated as a WWE Diva.

Total Divas

Marie became a part of the Total Divas reality television show that aired on E! And it featured WWE Divas. Even before making her WWE debut, Marie got the opportunity to become a part of this reality television show. It was a huge opportunity for Marie to get early limelight in her career and her appearance in Total Divas was a big success.

Thanks to her appearance in Total Divas, Marie earned a fan base for herself. It gave her an instant boost even before making her in ring debut in WWE. Before making her main roster debut, she dyed her brown hair to red and also adopted the new ring name Eva Marie. Her fans were desperately waiting to see her in a WWE ring.

WWE Tetevision Debut

During her first run in WWE, he could never receive any regular storylines or feuds. She kept on appearing in various matches against different wrestlers, but in most cases, she had to suffer defeat. Despite not receiving much regular booking in WWE, she could maintain her fan support due to her Total Divas appearance.

Eva Marie
Eva Marie. Image Credits: Twitter

Early In Ring Debut

She even got the opportunity to perform on huge stages like Survivor Series and WrestleMania XXX. At Survivor Series 2013 WWE organized a traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination match between Total Divas and the so called True Divas. Marie represented the Total Divas and her side was victorious in this match.

Professional Information Table


Ring Name


Eva Marie


Eva Marie Nick Names






Professional Wrestler


Eva Marie Height




Eva Marie Weight


125 lbs.


Relationship Status




Eva Marie Net Worth


$2.5 Million


Eva Marie Eye Color


Light Brown


Hair Color


Dark Brown (dyed red and orange)


Wrestling Debut








Eva Marie Signature Moves


Running Big Boot, Running Back Elbow, Running Senton, Seated Surfboard


Finishing Move(s)


Sliced Red, Sliding reverse STO


Theme Song / Eva Marie Song / Eva Marie Music


Boss It







Eva Marie
Eva Marie. Image Credits: Twitter

Eva Marie Net Worth & Salary

According to reports from various media sources, the net worth of Marie is estimated to be somewhere around $2.5 million. She is currently not active in any wrestling promotion so she does not receive any salary from any promotion. She was active in WWE in 2021 and her annual salary in the promotion during that time was something around $340,000.

Eva Marie Family

Marie was born on September 19, 1984 in Walnut Creek, California. Her father Barry Nelson was Italian and her mother Josie Nelson was Mexican. She was the youngest child of her parents. She has three older brothers named Nathan, Neal, and Nick. She was raised in Concord, California along with her three older brothers.

Championships and Accomplishments

Marie signed a contract with WWE after winning the WWE Diva Search competition in 2013. This is the only accomplishment she ever achieved in WWE. She could never win any championships in WWE and she never worked in any wrestling promotion so did not get to win any championships from any other promotions.

Championships and Accomplishments Table

Championships and Accomplishments / Trophy (WWE) WWE Diva Search (2013)
Awards & Achievements (Outside WWE) Pro Wrestling Illustrated – Ranked No. 50 of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 in 2016

Wrestling Observer Newsletter – Worst Worked Match of the Year (2013) – with Brie Bella, Cameron, Eva Marie, Naomi, Natalya, and Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, and Tamina Snuka at Survivor Series

Records WWE Diva Search Competition winner 2013
Eva Marie
Eva Marie. Image Credits: Twitter

Personal life & Lifestyle

Marie joined WWE in 2013 and she worked in the promotion in two different phases. Her first run in WWE lasted four years and she was released from the promotion in 2017. She was brought back to the promotion again in 2020 and she had a short run on Monday Night RAW in 2021. She never worked in any other wrestling promotion apart from WWE.

Personal Information Table


Eva Marie Real Name / Full Name


Natalie Eva Marie Nelson


Birth Date     



September 19, 1984


Eva Marie Age




Relationship Status




Zodiac Sign






Walnut Creek, California








Walnut Creek, California




Arizona State University, California State University, Fullerton


Educational Qualification


Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in business management




Not known


Eva Marie Ethnicity




Current Residence


Hollywood, California




Not known


Eva Marie Tattoo



Eva Marie
Eva Marie. Image Credits: Twitter

Eva Marie Movies and TV Shows

Marie tried her luck in the acting world too and she appeared in a number of big movies and television series. Her first movie was Inconceivable which was released back in 2017 and the movie also starred Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage. Marie also featured in a number of television series and she mostly featured as herself in these series.

Eva Marie Husband

Marie is currently married to Jonathan Coyle. They have been together since 2014 and there were even mentions of her husband at the Total Divas television series. Jonathan Coyle is a fitness coach, model, actor, and business co-owner of NEMfashion. They are living together happily for the last ten years. They do not have any children together yet.

Further Success

First Main Roster Run

Marie might not have received any mainstream booking in WWE during her first run with the promotion but she kept on making appearances on big stages like Survivor Series and WrestleMania. She participated in a 15 Women Divas Championship match at WrestleMania XXX where AJ Lee defended and retained her Divas Championship.

NXT Career

In 2015 she was sent back to the NXT as WWE management thought she was not ready for the main roster yet. However, she received very negative treatment from the NXT fans as she had been heavily booed by the NXT fans. She spent around a year in the NXT but she could not receive any victories in the developmental territory of WWE.

Return to the Main Roster, Release

In 2016 she returned to the main roster and once again she started to receive regular bookings in the promotion. But the fans were still not convinced by her performance. She competed in a number of matches against some big wrestlers but the fans were somehow not convinced with her at all. Eventually, by August 2017, she announced that she parted ways with WWE.

Second WWE Run

After leaving WWE, she never joined any other wrestling promotion. In October 2020 it was announced that she signed another contract with WWE. From May 2021 WWE started to air promo packages to promote her return to the promotion. In June of the mentioned year, she returned to Monday Night RAW, and this time she aligned with one of the newest NXT call ups, Piper Niven.

Eva Marie
Eva Marie. Image Credits: Twitter

Final Days

Niven was renamed as Doudrop after making her main roster debut. The duo started working together on Monday Night RAW. This time Marie showed signs of improvement but the fans were still not convinced. Eventually, Doudrop got out of Marie’s shadow and she started working solo. By November 2021, Marie was released from WWE and she never returned to the wrestling world again.

Iconic Quotes From Eva Marie

“My biggest Diva moment was truly getting to go to Afghanistan with three other Divas and Superstars, as well as Vince McMahon, to give my thanks to all of the military and what they do. What job do you get that level of fulfillment?”

“Alcoholism is a disease. People will debate whether it is a disease of the mind, of genetics, or of circumstances. I don’t have the answer to that debate, and frankly I don’t care because when you try to pinpoint ‘why,’ it can often lead to blaming another person, an incident in your past, or circumstances.”

“The Tom Green I got to witness and see inside the ‘Big Brother’ house, I would say he was probably the most difficult to live with because he is literally a roller coaster. You don’t really know which Tom you are going to get on an hour-to-hour basis. And that was kind of difficult.”

“When I first came into WWE, I got asked to change my hair to blonde just because I was a brand new girl and the Bella Twins had really dark hair and they were Mexican-Italian too so WWE didn’t want me to get lost in the mix and start thinking there was a triplet in the mix.”

“Wrestling is maybe 10 percent of our job. Everything else is what we do outside the ring and that’s really rewarding. I got to go to Afghanistan to visit the troops, work with Special Olympics, it’s just one of those jobs that’s once in a lifetime and we’re lucky to do it.”

“Negative energy? Sure, there are awkward moments, but you’re in ‘Big Brother.’ Everybody is trying to win, everybody is trying to form alliances, everybody is trying to kick everybody out of the house. If there wasn’t negative energy, then we weren’t playing the game.”

“You never know, I could show up on a ‘Monday Night Raw,’ I could come down to ‘SmackDown Live’ and snatch that title real quick. Never leave me out, you never know what’s creeping around the corner, if you know what I mean.”

Notable Feuds and Rivalries of Eva Marie

Marie spent a number of years in WWE but she could never work in any regular rivalries during her early WWE days. She worked in many matches with some of the top stars like AJ Lee and Naomi who were all former champions. But we cannot call them her rivals since she was not involved in any direct feuds with any of these wrestlers.

Eva Marie
Eva Marie. Image Credits: Twitter

However, after her return to WWE in 2021, she had a regular storyline with Piper Niven who was going by the name Doudrop during the time. At first, they worked as a team on Monday Night RAW but later, Doudrop started to show her disapproval to work with Marie and the duo became rivals. Doudrop came out stronger in this rivalry and Marie could not survive in WWE for long after that either.

Eva Marie Injury

Marie did not have a very long professional wrestling career so she did not have to go through any severe injuries. But before joining the wrestling world, she wanted to become a professional footballer and she used to play as a striker. But an unfortunate ankle injury killed her footballing dreams and she had to quit her desire to become a footballer.

Other Details

Marie made her first appearance as a playable character in a WWE video game in WWE 2K16 which was released back in 2015. She also appeared in WWE 2K17 which was the very next installment in the WWE video game series. She never appeared in any other WWE video after that, and it does not look like she would appear in any WWE video game soon.


Eva Marie Salary


$340,000 (2021)


Brand Endorsements










Not known

Eva Marie
Eva Marie. Image Credits: Twitter

Eva Marie Social Media Accounts

Marie is active on Twitter and Instagram from verified accounts. Her verified Twitter account has a total following of 971.2K and her Instagram has a stunning following of 6.2 million. Here are links of her social media accounts where you can follow her. Eva Marie Twitter, Eva Marie Instagram.

Eva Marie Win Loss Record

Promotion Win % Draw % Loss %
NXT 25 (53.19%) 1 (2.13%) 21 (44.68%)
WWE 31 (45.59%) 5 (7.35%) 32 (47.06%)
TOTAL 56 (48.70%) 6 (5.22%) 53 (46.09%)


Eva Marie Manager

On her first WWE run, she mostly worked as a singles star and she did not get much regular bookings in her first WWE run. However, during her second run, she associated with Piper Niven aka Doudrop who regularly managed her during her matches. Their collaboration did not work for long as they separated soon.


Q. When did Eva Marie start wrestling?

A. Eva Marie started working in 2013

Q. How tall is Eva Marie in feet?

A. Eva Marie is 5’8” tall in feet

Q. Who is Eva Marie manager?

A. Eva Marie does not have a manager, however, she had been managed by Piper Nivrn aka Doudrop for a short amount of time

Q. What is current Eva Marie song?

A. Eva Marie used the song ‘Boss It’

Q. Who is Eva Marie mother?

A. Eva Marie’s mother was Josie Nelson

Q. Who is Eva Marie father?

A. Eva Marie’s father was Barrie Nelson

Q. Who is currently Eva Marie boyfriend?

A. Eva Marie is currently married to Jonathan Coyle who is a fitness coach, model, actor and business co-owner of NEMfashion

Q. Who is Eva Marie brother?

A. Eva Marie has three older brothers; Nathan, Neal and Nick

Q. How much is Eva Marie worth?

A. Eva Marie’s net worth is something around $2.5m

Q. How many Championships Eva Marie won in WWE so far?

A. Eva Marie could not win any Championships in WWE as of now