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Scarlett Bordeaux was signed with the WWE from late 2019 till 2021. During her time with the company, she only appeared on NXT where she managed her real-life boyfriend Killer Kross (known as Karrion Kross in the WWE). The two were released from their contracts in November of last year, a move that literally shocked everyone in the pro-wrestling industry.

Once WWE association was gone from Scarlett’s life, it didn’t take her long to start making moves given how popular she really is around the independent scene. Since the WWE release, the former NXT star is doing pretty well as she has been taking numerous independent circuit bookings. She is also offering some hot content for her fans over social media.

Ex WWE NXT Star Scarlett Reveals Why The Company Specifically Hired Her

Ex WWE NXT Star Scarlett Stops Taking OnlyFans Request After Overwhelming Response 1

The 30-year-old star previously announced that she had recently started her own OnlyFans account, much to the delight of her huge fanbase. She was more than delighted to share her first post on the site. Scarlett’s account eventually managed to gain huge success, so much that now she had to shut down her custom requests due to the overwhelming response she received.

Scarlett is a well-sought celebrity on OnlyFans

“Hey everyone! I got a MASSIVE outpour for custom requests, and I will be closing them until I’ve been able to respond and look at all of them!” Scarlett wrote in a statement on her account. “I put a lot of work into every request that I do and if I pick your custom I will get back to you, so thanks for the patience!

I’ll also be getting a list of clothing together soon as well! A lot of people asked about kiss cards as well so here is what they look like! They are $100 each while supplies last, so DM me ASAP! (Oh, and roasts are still $50 via text and $100 for a video roast!)”

Ex WWE NXT Star Scarlett Stops Taking OnlyFans Request After Overwhelming Response 2

As per her claim, Scarlett offers a variety of content on her OnlyFans page, including custom videos, cards that she personally kissed and signed, as well as auctioned outfits of her own.

Scarlett finding success on the internet is something expected. Even WWE released her action figures following her release to generate some revenues about which she already mocked the company in the recent past. As of now, the popular female wrestler will be back in action at WrestlePro’s Killer Instinct event on Saturday, February 5 in Rahway, New Jersey.

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