Extreme Rules match card so far; predictions for the rest of the matches

Jeet / 20 April 2014

Four matches have already been scheduled for this event and some more matches are likely to place. By keeping eye on all of those matches, the match card of the Extreme Rules looks to be pretty solid. Here is the list of matches;

WWE Intercontinental championship – Big E vs. ? – An eight man tournament was held to determine the challenger for the Intercontinental championship against Big E. Possibilities say it would be either one of Cesaro or Bad news Barrett. According to a number of rumors WWE might build up a feud between jack Swagger and Cesaro, but since both of the superstars are heel, there is a fat chance of it. Barrett would be good fit for the Intercontinental championship as well. He is doing pretty well and this match would be pretty interesting to watch.

WWE Divas championship – Paige vs. Tamina Snuka – There is no question with the tremendous wrestling skill of Paige, we have all seen what she can do. But we are a bit scared about Tamina because she is not a good professional wrestler, we all know the number of Divas she has already injured previously. Hope she does not do something to Paige as well. Hopefully, it would be a good match.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (Still Cage Match) – Among the four listed matches for the event, this is the only match that has been given a stipulation. It is quite strange that most of the matches at the Extreme Rules are just regular matches. Hopefully, they would be given stipulations in the following weeks. About this match, there are a lot of rumors surrounding this one. A number of sources claim that this would be the last match of Cena as a face because after this match he would turn heel. No matter what happens after the match, we are hoping to have a very good match here.

Evolution vs. The Shield – Triple H made this match official on this week’s Friday Night Smackdown and arguably, this is going to be the most anticipated match of the night. Evolution is back after ten long years and they are going after one of the most famous stables of the roster right now. It is a superb idea to add this match in the card and no doubt it would be a great match.

Rumored matches –

WWE World heavyweight championship – Daniel Bryan vs. Kane – This match is not official yet but the way things are heading towards, it seems this match would be added to the card by the following week on Monday Night Raw. There would be a special thing about this match as Kane might wrestle in his mask. This is the only thing which could make this match interesting.

WWE Tag team championship – Rumors suggest Curtis Axel and Ryback would be given the opportunity to fight for the tag team championships. They have been quite well after WrestleMania as they came out with a victory on the former tag team champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust last week on Monday Night Raw. Curtis Axel and Ryback are currently the favorites to challenge the tag team championships at the Extreme Rules.

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