Retired German goal keeper Tim Wiese made his professional wrestling debut under the leading professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Entertainment. The 32 year old made his WWE debut in a live show of WWE at Frankfurt, Germany. The storyline was something like this; the WWE tag team champions Gold and Stardust were having a battle with the former champions The Usos. After the match, Gold and Stardust taunted Tim Wiese who was present in the front row of the audience seat. Tim Wiese climbed pass the barricade and went towards the ring. He climbed on the ring and stood on the barricade of the ring. Then an official came out and prevented Tim from involving himself in a fight with the tag team champion Gold and Stardust. The Usos entered the ring from the other side and they beat down Gold and Stardust. After that, they brought in Tim Wiese inside the ring and they celebrated together as the fans cheered really high for the former German international footballer.
Tim Wiese told Bild in an interview given in September.

‘I got an official request from the WWE,’ he told Bild in September. ‘It’s for a commitment from me to become a pro wrestler. I’ll listen to everything on it’s own merits.

He confirmed that he was really interested in joining professional wrestling since this sports is really famous in the United States of America. He said;
‘Why should I say no? Wrestling is very popular especially in the United States. I will discuss the offer in the next few weeks with my agent. I am not scared.’

Former fifteen times WWE world champion John Cena confirmed that he would be waiting for the German talisman in the ring. What type of wait would it be? For a feud or would it be a friendly call? If this is for a feud them then Wiese has to turn heel, John Cena will not be turning heel by any means.

Tim Wiese made his debut as a footballer in the year of 1999 for the German side Fortuna K￶ln. He joined 1. FC Kaiserslautern II in 2001, he also played for 1. FC Kaiserslautern. His career got a good focus when he joined the German Giants Weder Breman in 2005. After serving the side for seven years, he joined 1899 Hoffenheim in 2012. On 2014, he was released by the side. He also represented his country between the time of 2008 to 2012, he had a total of six international caps by his name.


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