A much needed path-breaking return was needed to make the people once again go for the WWE Network, after the predicted win of Roman Reigns at Fastlane who was a known opponent for Triple H at Wrestlemania. That happened the next night when Shan-O-Mac returned as a part of Monday Night Raw. And, not only that, Vince McMahon announced him as the opponent of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania inside Hell in a Cell.

But, that does not supposedly meet the hunger of the audience who is looking for more star power for the grandest show. Keeping that in mind, the speculation was that WWE was contacting none other than Goldberg for a one-night planning around him for the night at Wrestlemania. But that seems to have got shattered recently.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE has not contacted Goldberg for such an appearance. So, after getting confirmed by the veteran wrestling journalist, the chances of the former WCW and WWE world heavyweight champion to return to the WWE after a decade is put to rest as of now and what would be another breathtaking return has been abandoned, perhaps due to some creative reasons.

Speaking of returns, as reported earlier Batista was approached for a return for that one night purpose as to be the special guest referee for the match between Triple H and Roman Reigns. This would concrete the stacks against the Samoan Superman as if that has not been done already. But, Batista was not convinced to play such an odd role and refused to do it.

Though, the Animal still is open for some further planning from the Creative. There are still no updates about any backup planning done for him and he is likely to miss this year’s Wrestlemania too.


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