This week on Monday Night Raw, Nikki Bella appeared on the big screen before her confrontation with her twin sister Brie Bella. We all know how this feud started. Brie Bella faced Stephanie McMahon one on one at Summerslam. Brie Bella’s sister Nikki Bella appeared during the match and cost Brie her opportunity to beat the boss. After that night, Nikki revealed that Brie was self-conscious and cruel. She always cared about herself. This week on Monday Night Raw, Nikki told the series of the darkest incidents of their lives which, however, was denied by Brie who said whatever Nikki told was lies.

Nikki Bella told the first story, it was about her biggest crush Ryan. Once Ryan asked her for the Prom Night, she was very happy and she saved some money for motnhs to buy an expensive dress. And then suddenly, Ryan disappeared, the next day, she saw Ryan with Brie.

Here is the second story told by Nikki Bella. On their 16th birthday, they went into the driver’s test. Nikki passed but Brie failed. That day, their mother gifted them a new car, both of them were really thrilled to see their beautiful new car. They decorated the car with everything they wanted. But since Brie could not drive, Nikki took Brie everywhere, they had so much fun and their rides were really superb. One day Nikki was out of the station, Brie stole their car, she also got to know that Brie stole her driving license with it. On that night, Brie committed a car accident and she totaled the car. When the officer asked her for the license, Brie naturally gave him Nikki’s one. Her sweet little innocent sister put the blame on her. But she never told this story to anyone.

Here is the third and the final story told by Nikki Bella. Nikki this time showed some of the photos of their graduation day. She shared a secret, Brie was almost not there in this photo. During her senior year, she got a letter from the University in which it clearly written that if she failed to bring per average, she would be held back. Nikki tried everything she could do for Brie to help her to get graduated, she thought Brie was weak in studies or maybe she was not working hard enough. But nothing was working and time was running out. So Brie asked Nikki to replace her to give the final examinations for her. Brie passed with good number. Nikki never told this secret to anyone.



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