It is still very difficult to get over the fact that the streak of the Undertaker is no more. It is somehow killed by WWE.

Before giving my point on How Brock Lesnar is somehow the right man to break the streak of the Undertaker, I must say one thing that it was a terrible decision to end the streak, because it was not just a professional wrestling streak that was created by a company. The streak of the Undertaker was a legend, it was more like a myth. From last twenty four years it has remained a big deal. And just to make people shocked, there was no point to ending it.

Once again I would say, it was a foolish decision to end the streak. We have always waited to see to would challenge the streak on the following WrestleMania, we made predictions and we always used to have lots of anticipations for this. From next year, there will be no such things. From next year, there will be no streak.

But if they have made up their minds to end the streak this year, I think Brock Lesnar was somehow the right man. If you give a close look to the current roster, I do not think you would see anyone who actually deserved this opportunity.

Let me give you some of the big names of the current roster; first of all John Cena. Well, John Cena might have done a lot for WWE, but he is not the man to end the streak. There are a lot of haters of him, and if he would break it….. you can imagine what would have happened after that.

Daniel Bryan is another name. Yes he is the current fan favorite. But does he deserve such a thing? Daniel Bryan is a good wrestler, but I would say Brock Lesnar is better than him any day. And whatever success he has today is because of his yes chant, not because of his wrestling ability.

There are superstars like Randy Orton and Triple H. I do not thing someone who has already challenged the streak before should have ended it.

There are new talents like Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt or Antonio Cesaro. But they are too new for such an achievement. Nobody knows where their future would lead them too. For an example, The Miz won a WrestleMania main event, now he is a jobber. So if the new talent who broke the streak becomes a jobber later, would have been a terrible thing.

So I think somehow Brock Lesnar is the right man for this. He is a tremendously well professional wrestler, and he has a great past in wrestling as well. I know he is a part timer and by this logic he did not deserve it. But if WWE was determined to break the streak, I do not think there was anyone else who could be the ideal holder of this achievement.

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