According to our reports from the United States of America, WWE has planned a storyline between Jack Swagger and Cesaro. And a match is likely to take place between the two at the next pay per view event which is Extreme Rules.

As we all know, Cesaro and Jack Swagger are former tag team partners. But they split up just after the week of WrestleMania XXX as Cesaro decided to go with a new manager who was Paul Heyman and Jack Swagger remained with his former manager Zeb Colter.

Jack Swagger and Cesaro were together known as the Real Americans and they were quite popular among the fans, especially because of the Giant Swing finishing maneuver of Cesaro. However, they could never win the WWE tag team titles. But they presented some great matches, and no wonder why they were popular among the fans.

The tag team of Jack Swagger and Cesaro were scheduled to split up before WrestleMania XXX. WWE had different plans for these two individuals. They were actually scheduled to face the WWE Intercontinental champion Big E for the championship at WrestleMania XXX in a triple threat match. But as they announced the 30 man over the top rope Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal and the three superstars became a part of that match, this feud could not be built up neither the split of the Real Americans could be made.

Now, as we are in a new season, new storylines can be built up as well. The split of Real Americans is now being build up in a different way.

We all saw what happened in the week after WrestleMania XXX, how Cesaro left the Real Americans and made alliance with Paul Heyman to become a Paul Heyman guy.

 They did not get involved in a straight storyline, the feud actually started this past week on Monday Night Raw when Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter interfered during the semi final match for the no 1 contender for the WWE intercontinental championship between Cesaro and Rob Van Dam and cost Cesaro the match. Cesaro and Jack Swagger fought after the match, Cesaro even attacked his former manager Zeb Colter but he was saved by Swagger.

As I already said, Cesaro and Jack Swagger will be given a one on one match between each other at the next pay per view event which is the Extreme Rules. Since the event is Extreme Rules, a stipulation might be given as well but as they are fighting each other for the first time, it might just remain a regular match.

Whatever the circumstance remains, we hope to see a good match between the two at Extreme Rules and if the storyline continues after the event, it would be enjoyable as well.


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