WWE Hall of Famer The Good Old Jim Ross recently wrote a blog on his website jrsbarbq.com where he eyed on a lot of interesting stuffs. Here is what he wrote;

– Starting the show with Ziggler vs. Cesaro was strategic and I had no issue with the IC Champion finally looking strong and the only thing that I’d have done differently would be to give Dolph and Cesaro (he has no first name) more time.

– Mildly surprised to see Cena vs. Orton HIAC match in the middle of the show but it was well placed. Both men worked hard but my primary issue was the selling and the kicking out of so many established finishers. Nonetheless no one can complain about the effort and now it would seem that Orton can move on and away from Cena and allow his issues with the Authority to manifest themselves.

Show vs. Rusev was fine for what it was but I received feedback from fans outside the USA who felt that Rusev represented his country as a hero which is understandable but perplexing considering that he’s cast as a villian in this production. I like the upside of Rusev as he continues to learn the heel nuances needed to be a antagonist star and he will become more valuable to WWE. I’d suggest that Lana watch/study Sherri Martel as a valet to understand better the psychology of how to master that role. Nonetheless, I like the Rusev/Lana combo and expect Mark Henry and Big Show to have a conflict sooner than later.

– Happy to see that Ambrose and Rollins got the chance to close a major event as that responsibility isn’t easy and some talents aren’t suited for the role and simply can’t handle the pressure. These two are ready for that task and they did a good job with what was laid out for them to execute. Some fans are complaining about the Bray Wyatt interference that caused Rollins to win but perhaps it will work out that was the best way to get the masses to turn on Wyatt who has been largely perceived as a “cult favorite.”

– Like all the heels on the WWE roster, Wyatt will have to learn to ‘retreat’ from time to time to add that needed element to his tool box in order to be a true villian. If villains don’t cheat, lie, bitch, moan and retreat with some degree of regularity then they are not heels


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