Jim Ross wants Ryback to be highlighted at Survivor Series

Jeet / 20 November 2014

WWE Hall of Famer ‘The Good Old’ Jim Ross recently wrote a blog on his website jrsbarbq.com where he discussed about some interesting stuffs including TNA’s new TV deal, Ryback, Rusev, Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose and more;

– Congrats to @ImpactWrestling for securing a new cable TV home beginning in January and partnering with Destination America TV owned by Discovery Communications. I’d expect TNA to be able to provide more programming throughout the year for this network. I will admit that I’ve not watched a great deal of programming on this network but I easily found it on my cable provider which is Cox Communications here in Oklahoma. If wrestling fans remain as they have been over the years they will find the network and support Impact Wrestling which I plan to do. Why? Because I’m a wrestling fan and many of my friends are employed there. When the show debuts it will find it’s place on my weekly DVR list. 

– I’d be shocked if Ryback isn’t highlighted Sunday as he appears to be the “next man up” as WWE continues to seek the right talent at the right time to connect with their audience.

– One could also assume that Rusev will be carefully presented Sunday which comes as no revelation. 

– Curious to see how the Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt pairing is structured. Will it be a brawl or will it feature some wrestling? Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic opportunity for both men and the outcome, if presented properly, won’t hurt either talent. whether they win or lose. I certainly hope that a winner is derived out of it and not a DQ or Countout. Those finishes have become increasing flat on all wrestling TV shows and it helps all involved to have a winner and a loser via pin or submission more than to leave the issue flat with a too often used out….with the uncreative “let’s throw it out” finish. Just my two cents…

– If you listen to my podcast you know that I’ve often times mentioned how big a fan of Brock Lesnar that I am to the degree that I’m not sure that Brock isn’t the the most gifted athlete that WWE has ever signed but that he was also a smart businessman and a competitive, alpha male in his daily life. With those things said, I also said I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brock return to UFC now that his health issues are behind him. Lesnar used the same reasoning to leave WWE the first time to try out for the Minnesota Vikings. He’s a competitor who loves challenges along with a nice, fat pay check. With the Vikings the pay check wasn’t his primary motivator but instead it was the challenge of making a NFL team after not playing football since high school in Webster, South Dakota. If Brock is presently undecided on what he’s going to do, it leaves WWE in a quandary as it relates to the centerpiece of their company, the WWE World Title. I would not be shocked to see Brock return to the UFC while he’s still young and healthy enough to compete at the highest level. If that decision is imminent, it certainly could make the Royal Rumble even more interesting. Interesting days lie ahead for WWE and their primary championship.


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