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Justin Roberts Reveals How He Got Job In WWE, His Favorite Wrestlers and More 

Justin Roberts Reveals How He Got Job In WWE, His Favorite Wrestlers and More

Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts recently spoke to Metro where he talked about a lot of interesting stuff.

Here are some highlights;

With as long as you have been a wrestling fan, what would you say was your favourite era in professional wrestling?

“My favourite would probably be early to mid 90’s, late 80’s and early 90’s. I loved the characters and the storylines. Everything was so well planned out and happened over six months, with a pay per view every four months, so it wasn’t like a pay per view every three weeks. People ask me about pay per views, and I don’t remember every pay per view because they happened so often and practically blended in but if you wanted to talk about pay per views in the early 90’s, I remember those because there were only like 4 a year and you could keep track, and remembered everything that happened, so I loved that era and thought it was super cool.”

When the Monday Night Wars started, wrestling had gone to a whole different level. Were you in college at that point?

“I was in High School when it started. I was either a junior or senior.”

Who were your favourites during that era?

“Oh man, [Steve] Austin and Bret [Hart] on Raw, just everybody on WCW because you had the Savage and Hogan, Sting, Flair and Luger, it just goes back to not having favourites and liking everybody, seeing everything going on. Brian Pillman was awesome in that era. Everybody was cool, it was just entertaining TV on both channels, just flipping back and forth between channels. I was lucky that my remote in college had a back button so when you hit it’d just go back to the last station I was watching, so when you hit that one button it would go back to USA and TNT and that was what I did, I flipped back and forth every week. I would never watch just one show, just flipping back and forth.”

How did you get the job with WWE?

“I was working the independents since I was 16 and when I was 22, I was sending video tapes and resumes all the time. I had been sending them to WWF and WCW and then when it became WWE and I just been sending stuff for a long time. Right, when I graduated college I let them know that I just graduated college willing to do anything you guys need. I had sent a lot of emails and letters in the past, but they just never really responded. Then when I sent this one, we talked about it and said that they were going to give me a tryout so they gave me a dark match at Raw and two dark matches on SmackDown the next night.”

Growing up a huge fan and then being on Raw for the first time. What was that like going there to work for the company even though it was a tryout?

“I dreamed about that moment for so long. What would it be like to stand in the entrance way? What would it be like to stand in the ring? Would I be too nervous to talk? So many different things that ran through my mind when I played it out in my head, so when they told me that it was coming I actually had the chance to find out. It was just mind blowing. To be backstage… I got to be backstage at Indy shows and I had guys that came from WWE to the Indy’s, but to actually be backstage in WWE to be there to get in the ring that night, it was just mind-blowing, it really was. It was a neat experience because I had worked so hard just to get there and to show them what I could do for my tryout and then if they liked me, cool, that would be great, but at least I got the opportunity to show them what I can do. That is really all I wanted from that point.”

Did you ever get any tips of how to act backstage because I always hear about shaking everyone’s hand and looking them in the eye… that sort of thing.

“Yeah. Ace Steele told me about that from Chicago to make sure and shake everyone’s hand. You don’t really get it until you get there then you realised it makes sense. I watched Beyond the Mat and I had seen that plenty of times, but I watched it again to see what I needed to look out for and see if I can learn anything from watching that. That was really the only backstage view you got back then.”

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