Kane reveals secrets of See No Evil 2

Jeet / 30 July 2014

Kane recently spoke to DreadCentral.com at San Diego Comic Con where he talked about his new film See No Evil 2 and more. Here are some highlights;

Getting the call for the sequel:
“I was sort of shocked to get the call really because the first movie had been a commercial success with WWE Studios’ debut film, and I thought, ‘Okay, we’re going to do a sequel pretty quickly,’ and it didn’t happen for, like, several years. So, my phone rang one day and I was like, ‘Really? Okay. Isn’t it six years late?’ I was really surprised to get the call after having all that time pass. I didn’t think we’d do another one.”

The first movie’s final scene with a dog urinating on Jacob Goodnight and bringing the character back:
“I’m an animal lover; I wouldn’t let that happen! But okay, the plot point of how are you going to bring him back? He was killed pretty definitively at the end of the first movie. But you’re dealing with fantasy horror so I guess he wasn’t killed as badly as we thought he was. I think he’s more angry this time around and I think what you saw in the first movie… well, there’s a lot more of that. There is a lot of action in this movie, there’s more fight sequences. The victims actually fight back, which is a little different, especially [Kaj-Erik’s] character who I had a couple of pretty long and complex fight sequences with. So, yeah, there’s even more of that in this one. Also the [Soska] twins know how to take advantage of people’s strengths, and of course, my strength is my size. I am a very big guy and I think that they, when they were putting things together, I think they made a concerted effort to accentuate that as much as possible.”

Being able to act on-screen due to his WWE roots:
“To a certain extent I think acting is an extension of what we do at WWE. At the company, we do a lot of theatrics, especially my character is a lot of acting. In the WWE, you have two different kinds of performers: You have the guy whose character is just an extension of who he is in real life, and then you have the ones that are completely different who are acting. I’m nothing like Kane. I’m one of the guys who has a character. So, acting really is an extension of what I do on WWE but it’s a lot different when you’re on a soundstage. Everything is very antiseptic and very sterile. I’ve worked so many years with the WWE. The approach is you have one take on live TV, so you get it right. It’s funny because when I do do movies, they go to rehearsals and after a couple of rehearsals they go, ‘You don’t actually do this until the light comes on, do you?’ I have to go all out on that one take so rehearsals are actually sort of hard for me because I’m like, ‘This is boring; let’s just cut to the chase!’ That’s a little different than what directors and other members of the crew are used to.”

Possibly doing more See No Evil movies in the future:
“I think so. If I had another opportunity to work with the twins (Soska Twins) again. Talking about acting, I would like to do some other things as well. I would branch out. WWE has been awesome for me. Sometimes you hear bad things about Vince McMahon, and for me, you never hear the other side of the story. Certainly, I wouldn’t be where I am, my family wouldn’t be in the position they’re in, if it hadn’t been for him. But I’ve been doing this incarnation of Kane for a long time and, as a performer, you do want to stretch and you do want to do different things. The most fun I’ve had at WWE was doing Team Hell No with Daniel Bryan because I went from being the most stark guy on the show to being the comic relief. As a performer, that’s really rewarding that you can do both. So, I would like to do some different things. I do like the horror genre, I’m a fan myself. My favorite movie of all time is Silence of the Lambs. I love the ‘Hannibal’ series because here you have a guy who’s very smart. The monstrous part of him is his intelligence and not his physical size. That’s what scares me. Moving forward, I would like to do some other things.”

Jacob Goodnight in the new movie:
“I think people are going to be very surprised in this movie as far as what Jacob does with some of the scenes. You actually have your psychopathic killer acting, which is something you don’t see that often. I wore a mask for years and the disadvantage of that is, as human beings, we portray most emotions with our face and I had to do it with body language. Really, the essence of the WWE is we’re trying to elicit an emotional reaction from the crowd just like you are in a movie. It’s the same deal. I understood how you get those emotions out of people. If you can’t have your number one asset, and you can do it with your number two asset, once you get your number one asset, you’re going to be pretty good at it.”

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