A rumor that has recently rose that Vince McMahon wants Kane to have a final shot at the World title. Vince wants Kane disappear for 5-6 months and go through a knee surgery, and for Kayfabe it would be shown Kane is taken out of action by the Authority for turning on Seth Rollins.

Kane will directly return to the Royal Rumble to win the event as Kane is the most successful Royal Rumble competitor in twenty eight years’ Royal Rumble history. Kane will advance to the main event of WrestleMania but it is not confirmed if he would be given a World Title run. This would be Kane’s final main event action as millions of WWE fans want Kane to go through at least one World title run before he retires from regular action.

This is how Vince McMahon wants it to be, but for some unknown reason, the Executive Vice President of Talent Triple H does not want Kane to go through this main event run.

Kane has been one of the most famous WWE superstars throughout the years but in his eighteen year WWE career he got only two World title runs, among them his first WWE championship run lasted for only one night, that was in 1998 when Kane defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin for the World Wrestling Federation championship in a first blood match at the King of the Ring pay per view event. Kane lost the title to Stone Cold Steve Austin at Monday Night Raw.

Kane got another World title run which was in 2010, He carried the title for one hundred and fifty four days and won two feuds over Rey Mysterio and the Undertaker before losing the title to Edge.

Kane proved his critics wrong when he faced Daniel Bryan at the Extreme Rules pay per view event of 2014 for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Fans all over the world believe Kane still has the ability to go through a successful World title run.

But that are rumors so far, let us see if this dream title run for Kane finally comes true or not.


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