Latest news regarding the death of former WWE Women’s champion Chyna

Arindam Paul / 23 April 2016

A day after the tragic news broke out that former WWE Women’s champion Chyna was found dead in her house, some new developments have emerged after some investigation was done by the police. The iconic female wrestler who dominated the squared circle for almost the decade of the 90’s, has now being said that her death was not because of a case of suicide.
As per reports from Police searched all over her apartment but found nothing that linked her death to a suicide. Chyna’s body was found by her friend in her home of Redondo, California and the dead body was there for at least for one or two days before anyone found it.
According to TMZ, no suicidal notes were also found from her apartment which suggests the case as a suicidal one. The officials also confirmed the fact that she had been dead for at least a day or two before a friend discovered the body.

Going by the lifestyle of Chyna it was expected that some sort of illegal drugs should have been found on the scene. But, nothing was found as such apart from some legal prescription bottles. These bottles too were not empty which ruled out the chance of an accidental overdose which caused the death.
However, the neighbors though suspect that accidental overdose is the sole reason behind her death as she was caught by the drugs in recent times and behaving strangely due to overdose.
After her body was found dead, her media publicist published a statement to confirm the news. The entire pro-wrestling industry was shocked by the news and the social media was flooded in response after that. Her millions of fans and admirers gave the ninth wonder of the world tribute, who paved the way for the women in an industry which is purely dominated by the male.

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