There was a panic surrounding the WWE universe that Seth Rollins might not be able to make it to the ‘grandest stage of them all’ after the brutal attack from Samoa Joe on the post day Royal Rumble Raw.

Most of the speculations were making the fans afraid that Seth Rollins was not medically cleared to compete at WrestleMania. Even the creative team was concerned about Seth Rollins’ status that they made an alternative plan for Triple H; yes, Triple H would have faced Finn Balor if Seth Rollins could not make it up to WrestleMania.

But after this week’s involvement from Seth Rollins on Raw, it looks like Seth will be able to compete at WrestleMania. The build up through this week looks really interesting. We are all waiting badly to see how it advances.

But there is another interesting stuff that occurred last week was Mick Foley – Triple H segment this week on Raw. Mick Foley took out his frustration over Stephanie McMahon by saying she should go out of WWE for the sake of the company. Then Triple h arrived and fired Mick Foley. After that, Mick locked Triple H into the mandible claw. Stephanie came out to the rescue as she nailed Mick with a low blow. We all know what happened after that; the brawl between Triple H and Seth Rollins.

So what is the purpose of having Mick Foley out of his general manager role only three weeks before WrestleMania? It looks like that Raw creative team is planning to put Mick Foley as the special guest referee on the match between Triple H and Seth Rollins to add more drama in it.

Even though Seth fights at WrestleMania, we are not sure if he can give his best keeping his injury on mind. So adding Mick Foley into the frame as the special guest referee of the match makes sense, we guess.


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