Neville suffers serious injury on Raw

Arindam Paul / 16 March 2016

On Raw Jericho squared off against the high flyer Neville, and if you watched the match carefully if you must have noticed that the match has concluded abruptly and there was something fishy towards the end. The reason behind this is not good at all from WWE’s point of view as they have to count one more superstar in the injury list. The Bad news is that Neville might have suffered a nasty ankle or knee injury.


The man that gravity forgot suffered the injury while sliding between the two legs of Jericho. He was helped backstage by the doctors and medical staffs. By the looks of it, he could not put any weight on either of his legs. Here are a photo and video which clearly shows the footage and highlights which show his inverted ankle and proves that the injury is not fake at all.

???? (PC: Twitter)

A photo posted by ?? (@sethsitive) on Mar 14, 2016 at 8:41pm PDT


The Instagram photo of Neville being carried out by the officials proves that the injury is legit and WWE may have to change their plans for Wrestlemania. According to the backstage reports and the happenings, Neville was scheduled to take part in the multi-man match for the Intercontinental championship. The match will see Kevin Owens defending his title against Sami Zayn and others. WWE doctors will check up Neville’s condition and decide whether he will have to sit out for this year’s Wrestlemania. More updates will follow for sure.

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