It was pretty shocking to see a title change just after the night of WrestleMania. Especially, the Divas championship, AJ Lee who had the longest reign for this title which was two hundred and ninety five days came to an end as the highly rated NXT Women’s champion Paige debuts to Monday Night Raw to end AJ Lee’s long reign.

Paige aka Brittany Knight (the name she used on the independent circuit) has been praised highly by the world of wrestling pundits and fans. Everybody predicted that Paige has a great future in WWE. She is only twenty one year old, and she has a lot of things to offer.

Paige was given her WWE contract on September, 2011 after the try outs of three or four months. She was sent to the development territories of WWE in 2012. From the very first day of her career, critics praised her work and predicted a great future for her. She won the NXT women’s championship by winning NXT Women’s championship tournament last year. Unlike AJ Lee, Paige also had a long reign for the championship she carries. The only difference is AJ Lee lost her title and Paige is varying both of them.

If you have seen Paige wrestling in NXT you would understand what a superb wrestler she is. There are not enough good female wrestlers in the WWE roster right now like Paige. The roster seriously needed a diva like her and it got what it actually needed.

Let me tell what happened actually on Monday Night Raw. AJ Lee, who on the fourteen diva Vickie Guerrero invitational Divas championship match last night on WrestleMania XXX came out with her enforcer Tamina Snuka. She started cutting a promo on her victory last night and said the same thing that she saved the Divas Division. Meanwhile, she was interrupted by the NXT Divas champion Paige. Paige said that she had come out to congratulate AJ Lee for her victory. AJ Lee said she did not like to be interfered while she was talking and gave her a Divas title shot. The match started and AJ was in control of the match from the very beginning. After a while AJ climbed over Paige’s shoulders and locked her into the Black Widow submission maneuver. Paige reversed it into her finishing maneuver Paige Turner and pinned AJ to win the title.

It was quite shocking but was definitely a great idea to crown Paige the champion. Because there is currently no one who could AJ Lee for the title to defeat her but Paige. Paige vs. AJ Lee could be a superb rivalry and it would be loved by the fans for sure.


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