Our sources from the United States of America confirm that WWE has planned a feud after WrestleMania for the World Wrestling Entertainment champion Alberto Del Rio.

Reports claim that Alberto Del Rio would feud against the WWE Intercontinental champion Big E and he would face Big E for the intercontinental championship at the very next pay per view event after WrestleMania XXX; Extreme Rules.

Plans were different for this rivalry. These two athletes were scheduled to face each other one on one at the Grandest Stage of them All. But since both are competing in the 30 man Andre the Giant memorial battle royal, the rivalry had to be stood by till the end of WrestleMania XXX.

Alberto Del Rio and Big E faced each other last week on Monday Night Raw in a non title match where the former world champion got a clean victory over the WWE Intercontinental champion Big E. So quite obviously, Alberto Del Rio earns a future intercontinental championship match. And he will face Big E for the intercontinental championship at Extreme Rules in May.

This would be a pretty cool rivalry. The standard of the intercontinental championship must be restored and by adding Alberto Del Rio into the frame it could be done easily.

As the two major titles have been unified, there is a very good chance to create a hype for the intercontinental title. We must not forget the status of this glorious championship, it has a rich history, and it should be restored to its ideal standard.

Alberto Del Rio has also turned mid card after he lost the World Heavyweight championship to John Cena at the Hell in a Cell pay per view event. He should be given his ideal main event status back as well. It is need to be done from WrestleMania XXX, whether he wins the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal or not, he should survive for a good time. And there are not enough big names in this battle royal, so Del Rio should remain in it for a long amount of time.

If the intercontinental championship is won by Alberto Del Rio, there would be several rivalries for him which could simultaneously raise both him and the title. By keeping in mind the rivalry between Dolph Ziggler and him, they should go for a feud for the intercontinental title as well. It could give Ziggler a good push too.

We hope to see both Ziggler and the Intercontinental title get what they actually deserve.


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