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Randy Orton Net Worth and Salary 

Randy Orton Net Worth and Salary
Randy Orton-courtesy WWE.com

Randy Orton Net Worth and Salary ∼ Randy Orton is one of the living legends in the active WWE roster. His resume speaks for himself that will let him become a WWE Hall of Famer in the near future. Even after spending more than 15 years in the company, his hunger to retain the top spot is a must to learn for the beginners. No wonder Vince McMahon always looked him as one of the prime names in the main event spot for two decades.

This automatically helped growing Randy Orton net worth over the years. The measurement of a superstar’s value gets determined by his status on the roster. The more regular name he is on the main event spot, the more would be his earning from the company. A huge chunk of bonus would also go into his pocket which is the same way Randy Orton salary witnessed increment on several occasions.

Randy Orton Net Worth

Vince McMahon always considered him to be a marquee player on the roster from the very beginning of his career. One fact that helped him was the legacy he was carrying while walking into the WWE. He is a third-generation superstar who made main roster debut in 2002 to give us a new heel to watch out for. The rest is history as we could barely imagine the Ruthless Aggression Era without The Viper of the WWE.

This most-needed status in the WWE took Randy Orton net worth to $15.5 million, as per the reports of the cinemaholic.com. It is one of the highest figures while comparing to the other prime names in the company. In fact, he acted as the number 2 player on the show just after John Cena for quite a long time. He also maintained hood status with the officials to keep the decent status intact on the show.

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As per the reports of Forbes, Randy Orton salary is around $1.1 million on yearly basis. This is just the basic paycheck that he receives at the end of the year. Additional payments always embrace him with a heavy amount be it PPV wins or merchandise salary royalty revenues. Presumably, Randy Orton salary in a year reaches along with bonuses reaches $2.7 million from percentages of his merch and PPV shares.

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This amount covers the transportation cost of Randy Orton net worth. Mostly, superstars have to pay through their own salaries as the cost of moving from one to another city. But The Viper has the privilege of touring on his own private bus during his travel schedule provided by WWE. This also makes him the 10th highest paid wrestler in the WWE. Names like John Cena, Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar features in the list as the top figures.

Randy Orton net worth continued to grow as he gets a winning bonus for when he competes at house shows or has big pay per view wins. This comes from an additional standpoint where he still finds opportunities to make more dollars apart from his salary and merchandise. Reports do suggest that Randy Orton salary receives a hike of around $618000 for each of the PPV wins, as stated earlier.

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The exact amount of Randy Orton salary witnesses a record increment in the last two years. Apparently, he used to get around $363037 in the year 2014 as per base salary. Additional incomes used to be around $500000 for wins which witnessed a huge uprise. It is a definite income that increased his payment for almost 150 percent. It happened despite his current span of career where he is enjoying a special stint in the company. His contract allows him only to work in selected shows.

He can skip working in most of the house shows of the blue brand starting from 2016. WWE has to give away extra money for Randy Orton salary for letting him work in live events apart from Smackdown TV. The assumptions are that he receives an extra amount of $816,833 for each of the wins a big match. It even witnessed a big rise after Brock Lesnar busted him open at Summerslam 2016 leaving him in a pile of blood. This is from where The Apex Predator of the WWE started to transition into the part-time role. But still, the contract gives him around $2,818,075 in a financial year which is a lucrative deal for any of the superstars.

Randy Orton net worth of $15 million dollars is one of the biggest among the prime superstars of the company. Triple H, Brock Lesnar or John Cena are the handful number of superstars who possesses more net worth than him. Even from a salary perspective, Randy Orton does not lag behind at all from the franchise player who gets $2.1 million or Seth Rollins who makes $2.4 million on a yearly basis.

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Featuring in movies also helped to keep Randy Orton net worth steady from the early point in his career. In fact, he is one of those few names who had regular movie stints for WWE Studios as well as other production houses in the past. His acting stint started in the lead role of the action film The Marine 2. Ted Dibiase replaced him in this franchise after he broke collarbone during shooting.

Later, he featured as the father of a high school bully in the comedy-drama film, That’s What I Am pulling off $216,450 as revenue. In 2013, he continued featuring in movies with 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded. It gave a boost to Randy Orton net worth for an amount of $284,091. Later, he was about to make a comeback in the action film The Marine 3: Homefront but The Miz replaced him. But he received another WWE Studios venture named The Condemned 2 in 2015. In 2016, Randy Orton appeared in USA Network’s series named shooter portraying the role of James Richards, an ex-Navy Seal, and leader of a militia group.

Randy Orton net worth also includes a $1.4 million house situated in Saint Charles, Missouri. He spent his leisure time here with family and wife while not touring with the WWE. Currently, he gets more family time after undergoing a knee surgery as WWE books him in the least number of matches. But the work that he put on for the past 16 years alongside wrestling paycheck, merch money, acting, and advertisements/endorsements pulled Randy Orton net worth to a whopping amount of $15 million.

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As stated earlier, Randy Orton started his career with a solid legacy backup after him. His father Bob Orton Jr. and grandfather Bob Orton Sr. were professional boxers whereas uncle Barry Orton also competed in the professional boxing industry. He performed in the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association-Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling before finally debuting on the main roster of the WWE.

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Randy Orton salary went to higher direction from this point as he was a regular main event superstar. He is a thirteen-time world champion in the WWE being the WWE Championship, nine times and WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship, four times. The key part of these reigns is that at the age of 24, WWE made him the youngest world champion breaking the record of Brock Lesnar. Later in 2013, he became the very last one to hold the World Heavyweight Championship before the title went to retirement.

The Viper of the WWE captured the United States Championship in March 2018 to become the eighth Grand Slam Champion in the company. (It means he won all the relevant world, tag team, Intercontinental and United States Championship in the company) He is also the seventeenth Triple Crown Champion in WWE/F history.

In personal life, Randy Orton married Samantha Speno in 2007. His first daughter arrived in the world on July 12, 2008, named Alanna Marie Orton. The couple started living separately in 2012 with the divorce coming to culmination in the following year. Kimberly Kessler is his second wife whom he married on November 14, 2015. He also has a baby girl from this marriage named Brooklyn Rose Orton who born on November 2, 2016. Currently, the future Hall of Famer enjoys a luxurious life with the wife alongside current WWE stint. We expect a proper send-off for the veteran player of the WWE before he calls it a quit from wrestling.

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