Roman Reigns hopeful of winning MITB, Brodus Clay angry on his release

Jeet / 27 June 2014

Former WWE Tag Team champion Roman Reigns recently talked to Mike Jones of DC101. Here are some highlights;

Should RAW and Smackdown be split again: “It worked before didn’t it? And I think with that dynamic too it adds to the storylines and the competition and things like that. And I think there a whole PPV called Bragging Rights just based on that concept, so I think it works. If they’re going to do it, who knows?”


The WWE Money In the Bank Title Ladder Match: “With this story, we’re trying to climb. I’ve obviously worked with ladders and sticks and all the different toys. But climbing the ladder and being 10 feet in the air, that’s a whole different story. And like I said, I’m not a top rope guy, but at the same time you can take advantage of the ladder, use it in your advantage, but when it comes down to it you have to climb. It’s going to be interesting, I’m prepared, I just don’t care. If you’ve ever looked at my Twitter, you’ve seen my back. Pain, who cares.”


Daniel Bryan‘s recovery: “I’ve heard through the grapevine and the boys and stuff that he’s doing better. He’s at home and I guess obviously Brie’s helping him out a good bit which is really cool on her behalf to put her career on the side to make sure her husbands fine. I wish him the most comfortable and speedy recovery.”


Former WWE superstar Brodus Clay recently featured on Who’s Slamming Who where he gave a lengthy interview. It is available on VOC Nation. Here are some highlights;


Being released by WWE:

If I’m not able to be out there and contribute I don’t want to be there. If you’re not going to bring it, then sitting around on the sidelines is not something I want to do. I was a little bit frustrated. This is where creative [was] in one of those funks where they don’t know what to do. I probably could have handled it a little better but I’m one of those guys who, when I’m frustrated, do not get vocal.


The origins of “The Funkasaurus”:

I was like, “Well it’s different.” When something is put at you, when you’ve worked on something else for quite some time … Once I was told the direction we were going, the Funkasaurus [name] I figured out with my trainer Rob, [Naomi and Cameron] were my pitch, and all I asked was could I see [Dusty Rhodes] and go down to the [NXT] school and figure it out …. It was a lot of support, and it wasn’t a bad thing …. We kept running those vignettes of the juggernaut and the monster character so people had no idea what was going on. On this day of stooges and the Internet and all that kind of stuff it didn’t get out.


Having his match pulled from WrestleMania XXIX:

You’re devastated. You’re disappointed. You help your team get to the SuperBowl, then your coach, for some reason, doesn’t call your number. You know, as it went down, they were fighting for every last minute …. I was standing in gorilla and I saw them look at the time and they were trying to figure out any possible way to get us out there. It’s the nature of the business. It’s just like that nightmare of running out onto the football field without your helmet …. You hate to be on the receiving end of it. It was what it was but it stung for a long time.

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