Rumors of WWE Superstar Big Show getting shot dead are false

Rumors of WWE Superstar Big Show Getting Shot Dead are False

The Big Show
The Big Show

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Legendary WWE Superstar Big Show was part of a recent troublesome incident in his wrestling career. We could even barely think of someone getting dead out of nowhere which is a total contrast of the internet scenario.

The strong medium can turn out to be a disgusting place sometimes. The same thing happened with the Largest Athlete of the World. Some of the rumours claimed of Big Show getting shot dead. Thankfully, it is not true at all.

We want to take a short note before getting to the actual story. We can consider rumours to be the stories when it comes to the pro-wrestling universe. Several such spoilers come out on the social media sites and via sources now and then. Most of them contain current wrestling scenarios, superstars’ status, future planning of a company etc.

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But things can indeed be disturbing like the Big Show incident. The Internet remains happy to seek footages from the public media through the completely false news. It does not bother anyone even if it is someone’s death news. Some of the sources don’t even think twice to spread such cuss things without verification. It can create trauma to the near and dear ones of the superstars’ family. Recent Big Show Shot Dead is mentionable in this context.

Panic broke out into the WWE as well as pro-wrestling universe when the Big Show shot dead rumour came out. An unidentified blog was the first one to claim the news first on their page. They said the mentioned WWE superstar was dead. He might have suffered a car accident and had the least expected effect.

The Big Show
The Big Show

We have mentioned the blog to be ‘unidentified’ already. There no disclosure of the source of the news nor did they gave any proof alongside their claim. The only thing that helped them to spread the rumour was to play with wrestling fans’ trust. People mostly believe in those and especially when it comes to being around a WWE superstar.

Remorse started to filing in on the social media like waves to know more about this news. The seven feet superstar is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of this generation. Hence, the fans were concerned about him.

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Another factor also added fuel to it. Big Show is absent from the WWE programming for the last several months. Some say that his contract with the company is over. But he frequently gives visits to the WWE locker room as a mentor to the young WWE superstars. So we can’t say that his days with the company are over.

Nevertheless, this constant absence does not allow the fans to keep track of him. So most of the WWE Universe members fell for the given news of Big Show getting shot dead. It became viral in the nick of times, as most of them started to share the news. It made it legit news.

Thankfully, reliable sources were back in business to stop this nonsense going around. confirmed there is no truth to the claiming from the blog. The Big Show shot dead piece is nothing but an online hoax to make a fool out of everyone. It also sighed relief to all of those who thought of seeing The Giant no more.

The Big Show
The Big Show getting shot dead is a fake news.

Associated Press contacted the WWE to get an update on the condition of the world-famous athlete. It wiped out any chance of the spread rumours giving assurance of this one to be false. They let know that the former World Champion is doing great.

AP gave a public statement on this matter to clarify the happenings. WWE informed them that Big Show aka Donald Paul Wight II is alive and well. There’s no doubt of his living status, and thereby the available sad news is nothing but fake. The blog that brought out the Big Show shot dead article, does not have any link with WWE. So there is no legitimacy to it. You can check out the entire statement, here:

AP FACT CHECK: WWE wrestler Big Show not dead

“SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A story reported by a blog called “WWE” that claimed professional wrestling star “Big Show” had died in a car accident is false.

Chris Bellitti, a spokesman for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., (WWE) said Tuesday that the “Big Show,” whose real name is Paul Donald Wight II, is alive and well. He also said the blog site is not affiliated with the legitimate WWE site.

On Dec. 10, the short, poorly written blurb claimed the star had been admitted to a hospital and died. On Monday, the 44-year-old tweeted a photograph of himself training in the gym. The tweet was reposted by WWE’s official Twitter account.”

These type of online hoaxes is nothing new to the WWE fans. We have heard such rumours regarding Hollywood celebrity, Britney Spears. A hacked Sony Twitter Account gave false news of the famous singer keeping the fans on their toes. We can mention another WWE Superstar in this context.

The Big Show
The Big Show has been around the company for more than 20 years now.

None other than John Cena also suffered the same fate a few years ago. Death news of the franchise player of the WWE created a wave on the internet. Social media sites like Facebook received thousands of shares with the fake news. It claimed the prime babyface WWE superstar is no more alive. He is a victim of a car accident. It was such a heinous act of people they dared to throw photo-shopped scene of a crash with John Cena’s body in it.

It brings out the worst part of the net world to us. What kind of fun a group of people expect by spreading news of someone’s death which is false? It is nothing but giving their page two minutes of fame with the cheap news. Strict consequences are mandatory for these disgusting acts.

Most importantly, this is not the only time that Big Show getting shot dead news was out. A satire site published news about the death of the WWE Superstar, again. This time it claimed WWE officials shot him dead for his shameful actions. It happened during a live event that took place in Indianapolis!

According to the source, Big Show was performing inside the squared circle during a house show. A child reached inside the ring to get in touch with his favourite superstar. The 47-year old superstar got angry with the acts of the young one. So he started beating down the fan.

WWE officials tried to stop this but failed. The young child’s life was in danger, and there was one choice left to do. Officials brought a gun and shot the villainous star on the spot! The source also stated WWE released an official statement for saving a child’s life!!!

We can assure you such type of Big Show shot dead thing never happened in the history of the WWE. We can’t find any other WWE superstar to be around for such acts like attacking a young fan. Despite this, the website posted the following, (,

“Some witnesses blamed Big Show’s death on the boy’s mother, calling her negligent for not keeping a better eye on her child while in such close proximity to dangerous wrestlers. Others reportedly criticized the facility for not having more physical barriers and stronger safety measures to prevent children from coming into contact with a wrestler as powerful and unpredictable as Big Show in the first place.”

This source gave the news in a believable way mentioning WWE officials’ names and associating others. Most of the people will trust it to be true by all the means.

However, we want to confirm to you that this is a site that deals with satires. So they tried to bring a little fun with the incident. But announcing the death of a WWE superstar might not be the right thing to do.

With that being said, we warn you to digest news with due care. Numerous such fake news or satires are doing round around the WWE Superstars. The world’s biggest wrestling promotion has a huge social media and fan following that automatically garners attention among the fans. So targeting them might be the easiest way to get attention by spreading Big Show shot dead kind of news.

The Big Show
The Big Show has seen them all coming from everyone in the WWE.

Meanwhile, Big Show is a WWE legend on his right. He had many accomplishments in his career which someone can barely think of. There are not many superstars available on the roster who has been with the WWE for over 20 years. He is one of those few active names including Kane and The Undertaker. His fitness is still good enough to go for some big-time matchups.

Currently, certain speculations are going on regarding his career. There are only a handful number of WWE Superstars who continued their tenure for over this amount of time. But the company has received his service seamlessly. It is why the legendary name needs a proper send-off from the company.

The cancelled Wrestlemania 33 match is still doing round on the rumour mill in this regard. Big Show vs Shaquille O’Neil was going to take place as a marquee match from Orlando, Florida. It never comes out to fruition due to lack of planning. Hopefully, this is the rightmost to make way for the seven-footer to his dawn. WWE Hall of Fame will be the next place waiting for him.

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