Sasha Banks discusses her future, Titus O’ Neil happy with Prime Time Players Reunite

Jeet / 07 March 2015

Titus O’ Neil recently spoke to, below are some highlights:

Reuniting Prime Time Players with Darren Young:

“Yeah, the band is back together. The Prime Time Players are back together, and we’re focused on taking on what we started and building upon that. We’re the roughest, toughest and most entertaining tag team in the WWE, and we’re dead set on becoming the WWE tag-team champions.”

His recent #UseYourVoice-themed message on Instagram:

“It’s nothing that I haven’t been trying to convey years before I got into the WWE. My story is very powerful in itself. I was the beneficiary of people from all races and all backgrounds investing in me at a young age. I came from a fatherless home. My mother was raped at a very young age, and so, obviously, I came from an impoverished background.”

“People invested in that place to give me a fair opportunity at winning at life. So for me, I’m fulfilling a purpose in which I’m repaying every single individual that invested in me when they didn’t have to. I look at this world in a completely different manner than most people do. I don’t see it in the eyes of skin color, gender or sexual orientation. The people who have an issue of what I said are the very people that are the ones that are the biggest perpetuators of the problem. But I’m not pushing any agenda on anyone outside of being the best person you can be.”

WWE NXT champion Sasha Banks recently had a Q & A with, here are some highlights;

Her era as NXT Women’s Champion:

If you look at it in historical terms, Paige was the first champion so her era was like an introduction into this higher level of female empowerment. Charlotte’s era was similar to what Brock Lesnar is now. Just a dominant, “It’s gonna take the world to take me down”-type of competitor. My era is bigger than that. I’m going to transcend boundaries. I’m aiming for an era that’s on par with The Rock. Sasha Banks will be a name that’s on everyone’s tongues, and not just fans of NXT. Bank on it.

If she sees herself as a role model to young girls:

I believe I am. Bayley, for all her hugs and lovingness, can be a bit naive. I think that type of inspirational figure can leave girls a bit vulnerable in the real world. I’m showing young girls that to be a big deal in life, you have to be a big deal inside. You have to believe that nothing in this world is too farfetched, and if you want something bad enough, you can’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough to achieve it. In order to be a star, you have to walk, talk and act like a star.

Her future as Women’s Champion:

I’ve got the NXT Women’s Championship around my waist. That was the easy part. Now, it’s time to broaden the horizon. It’s time to show the world how big the NXT Universe is and how Sasha Banks is the brightest star in it. Then and only then will I set my sights on much bigger fish. Hey, WWE Divas, I hope you’re ready.

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