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WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Net Worth 

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Net Worth
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WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Net Worth ∼ Seth Rollins is unarguably one of the workhorses of the current WWE Raw roster. His Shield brethren, Roman Reigns might be the franchise figure of the brand but fans have better upright supports for ‘The Man’ on each of the shows he performs. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins net worth is worth looking at.

In fact, WWE depends a lot to sell out the house shows with his help. It makes him one of the cornerstones of the active roster of the flagship show.

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WWE fans are fond of Seth Rollins from the get-go of his career. They have supported him despite his babyface or heelish character. It’s worth to note that this man was a famous face in the independent scene before coming to the WWE at the beginning of this decade. So fans rooted him the most rather than his contemporaries. As a result, he became the first-ever NXT Champion.

Seth Rollins Net Worth

Seth Rollins net worth has started to grow from that point onwards. It has now reached amongst the top talents in the company considering his reputation. Not only that, he proved to be very best inside the ring in comparison to his good brothers, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. They are also lagging regarding fan acceptance, too. Some of the fans also compare him with even the great Shawn Michaels.

So when it comes to receiving paychecks, Seth Rollins features amongst the top tier of superstars. He is ahead of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose who features in the 6th and 10th spot. (as per therichest.com) All over, Seth Rollins is the 4th highest salary-getter on the WWE roster. Only three veteran names earn more than in him concerning wrestling. Company’s poster boy John Cena, “The Beast Incarnate“ Brock Lesnar, WWE’s Chief Operating Officer, Triple H and “The Viper“ Randy Orton are these names.

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Before going into the breakdown of Seth Rollins net worth, we would take a look into his career from the very beginning. His real name is Colby Daniel Lopez who used to wrestle under the name of Tyler Black in the indie scene. He made his debut in 2005 for Scott County Wrestling. The stint continued for the coming years, as he went on to win numerous Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships across various promotions.

A significant step of his career was to join the Ring of Honor promotion. He formed a stable named “The Age of the Fall”, with Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher. He continued to earn fame under the ROH banner before finally becoming the ROH world champion. His title stint was a solid one with seven defenses continuing for 210 days in the year 2010. It was the same year when WWE signed him to perform at the developmental territory. Roderick Strong defeated him for the ROH world title before he joined NXT.

Seth Rollins character began his journey through the Florida Championship Wrestling which had a tie-up with the WWE. He went on to win the FCW 15 Jack Brisco Classic Tournament and became the first ever FCW 15 Champion. He teamed up Richie Steamboat to defeat Titus O’Neill and Damien Sandow for the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship.

Dean Ambrose met him for the first time in a series of matches in July 2011. The duo’s journey began, as they competed together for the FCW 15 Championship. Later in 2012, Seth Rollins defeated Leo Kruger to become the FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion. It was at the same year that Triple H crowned him as the first-ever NXT Champion by defeating Jinder Mahal.

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The same year changed his career and enriched Seth Rollins net worth, as he made main roster debut. Survivor Series 2012 marked the beginning of The Shield in the WWE that changed the course of the company. The trio owned the place after that taking out superstars from present and past. Dean Ambrose got a lengthy US title run, whereas, Rollins-Reigns were the tag team champions.

The Shield imploded back in 2014 at a time when they were at the peak of their career. After taking out legendary Evolution stable for two different times, Seth Rollins betrayed his brother-in-arms to go solo under the wings of Triple H. It paved a shortcut route for him to the main event picture. He became the key member of The Authority Stable from that point. Winning the Money in the Bank briefcase was another turning point of his career. Later he came up with the ‘heist of the century’ by deciding to cash it in at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. It was at the 31st edition when he reached the top of the sports entertainment.

He defeated legends like Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Kane or even Sting to have a solid championship run. It is how Sting complimented The Architect following their title match at Night of Champions in 2015,

“After 30 years and working with some of the best and some of the greatest, [Rollins] is, I’m telling you, he’s got to be the best I’ve ever worked with. I mean, this guy has it. And I think he’s just scratching the surface on what he will do. I’ve never seen somebody as talented.

He’s working two [matches] on Raw, two [matches] on the pay-per-view, he’s involved in every other segment, and it’s physical. He’s got guys coming from every angle. There’s a lot on his plate. He’s carrying a lot, and he’s handling it. He’s proven he can do it.”

The main-eventer status continued for him until a knee injury occurred to ruin the day for Seth. A babyface turn came for him in 2016 after Triple H betrayed him. It produced a huge match with his mentor at Wrestlemania 33. From that point, Seth Rollins is continuing his career from the mid-card scene. Numerous US, IC and tag title reigns made him a Grand Slam winner of the WWE.

Seth Rollins Net Worth

It brings us to Seth Rollins net worth that emphasizes how important he is in the WWE roster. According to the reports of therichest.com, he possesses properties of worth $4 million. It could go further, as he continues to cement his legacy in the biggest pro-wrestling promotion. Furthermore, he has plenty of wrestling left in him.

Apart from the base salary estimated at around $2.7 million, there are other revenue generation sources. He gets 25% of profits from licensing and 5% of direct sales, either at shows or from the online store. Bonus pays always remain high for him, as he continues to be in the main event spotlight.

A statistics would help you to understand the scenario in a better way. Seth Rollins wrestled in 81 house shows in 2016 with 76 main events under his name. Dean Ambrose wrestled in almost 200 matches with only 36 main events for him. This main eventer status directly affects Seth Rollins net worth all the way. Plus, he also sold out Wrestlemania 31 and became the Superstar of the year in 2015.

Seth Rollins manages to get critical acclamation all the time from the all around the world, unlike Roman Reigns. Some also complain about why WWE did not choose him as the franchise figure despite this much positivity around him.

WWE is sticking up to Roman Reigns for years to come. But he will have a trusted shoulder by his side when it comes to carrying the WWE brand. After all, he is The Man to do his job effectively on a daily basis.

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