WWE Star
WWE Star. Image Credits: Twitter

Vince McMahon is the former owner of WWE who is responsible for creating some of the top stars in the world of professional wrestling over the ages like Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, John Cena, Roman Reigns, and many more. He is one of the biggest reasons behind the ultimate success of WWE.

But not all the wrestlers received similar treatment from McMahon as some of the wrestlers had also been destroyed by the former boss of WWE. One of those wrestlers who recently accused McMahon for not giving him proper treatment while he was in WWE was Damien Sandow. He remained active in WWE for around 6 years and at a point he was massively over among the fans.

wwe star
WWE star. Image Credits: Twitter

Shocking Accusation: Former WWE Star Blames Vince McMahon for Career Downfall

At a point, It looked like WWE would push him as a future top star when he won the 2013 WWE Money in the Bank. But he failed to cash in the contract and after his failure to cash in the contract, he was demoted to a lower mid card level. He had been mostly booked as a lower mid card who was nearly humiliated almost every week on the episodes of Monday Night RAW.

But in August 2014 he teamed up with the former WWE Champion The Miz and he started working as the stunt double of the A Lister. After adopting this gimmick, he became extremely popular among the WWE fans and he was one of the most over wrestlers at the time. He was even listed as one of the top merch sellers of the promotion during that time.

wwe star
WWE star. Image Credits: Twitter

But after his storyline with Miz was over, the former WWE star was demoted to a lower mid card once again, and by 2016 he was released from WWE. Fans were shocked to see this treatment even after such an excellent job as the stunt double. Sandow recently broke silence on his WWE run and he accused McMahon of not giving him proper treatment. Speaking with Victoire recently, the former WWE Tag Team Champion said;

“Look somewhere in the office someone didn’t like what was going on. I did an autograph signing six months ago, and one of the people at the signing was like, ‘Hey, I just want you to know something. I had a friend who worked in the office. And when they would get house show reports on you, like they needed to list like the top five reactions, you were always in the top three, usually the top two.

wwe star
wwe star. Image Credits: Twitter

“After a while, the boss, you know who that is, said, do not put Sandow’s name on there anywhere.’ That tells me everything I need to know. So to answer your question was I too good for WWE? I say I’m just right for NWA.” concluded the former WWE star and a WWE Tag Team Champion who is presently active on the independent circuit and in NWA.

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