Stephanie McMahon’s Reaction On Her B**bs Flashed On WWE TV

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Stephanie McMahon’s Reaction On Her B**bs Flashed On WWE TV 

Stephanie McMahon’s Reaction On Her B**bs Flashed On WWE TV

McMahons always portrayed colorful characters on TV over the years. If Vince McMahon would be on top of the list then her daughter Stephanie McMahon would certainly not be far behind.

Starting her career from the sweet little girl TV, she ended up being a horrifying persona who can do anything by misusing her power.

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The obnoxious character also showed a lot of skin on TV for the better part of the Attitude Era or the Ruthless Aggression Era.

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Stephanie McMahon is perhaps the only one upon whom WWE once arranged a storyline regarding her breast implants.

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They actually showed the size of differences in her breasts following the surgery. Now that’s what WWE was all about back in the days.

That’s not all as they would give Stephanie McMahon busty outfits so that her assets can be showcased as much as possible.

Male fans still remember some of their favorite outfits worn by the Billion Dollar Princess that must have arisen their instincts, at least for once.

On two of those occasions, her outfit was so revealing that her b**bs actually popped out on live TV giving a pleasant view for the fans.

In an old interview, Stephanie McMahon noted on this happening. She appeared on the Howard Finkel Show to receive the question of whether the pop-up was intentional.

In reply, she noted that it was a complete accidental happening. Here’s more from the conversation,

Howard: Was your dad mad that your nipple is showing.

Stephanie: I was horrified actually because I mean if I had planned to do something like that, that’s one thing but when it sort of happens and you’re not planning on it, it’s a little unnerving.

Finkel then asked why would Stephanie McMahon went for the breast augmentation surgery in the first place to which she noted as following,

“Right. Well, I lost a lot of weight. I had b00bs when I was heavier. Then I lost a lot of weight and they were like melted packets of butter and I just didn’t like the way they looked.”

The conversation concluded as Stephanie McMahon noted that she intended to grow her b**bs even bigger after losing weight. She also revealed that she wore bras of a D cup size.

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