The news has been swirling that the Icon Sting might have to retire from wrestling due to the neck injury. The pro-wrestling community is still reeling from the news. But, Sting himself opened up about the situation and the fans can breathe a sigh of relief with Icon speaking his heart out. He is not going to hang up his wrestling boots as per his words. In addition wrestling fans who have dreamt of having the dream match, finally can get one reason to cheer about and the match may see daylight after years.

IGN interviewed Sting recently and posed questions regarding the rumors of his retirement. The news was also broken out by TMZ at first. Sting addressed all the rumors that are going on and stated that he still has an unfulfilled dream match that he would love to have.
Sting said, “That is one of those rumors floating around, yes. [laughs] TMZ put something out and, again, I still have a dream inside of me. And it’s not dead yet.” The inevitable question of the dream match with the Undertaker came across and the Icon said, “Uh, yeah. I’ve been very outspoken about that. Still a dream of mine.”

If the match indeed takes place then it is bound to shatter all the records and will be a spectacular to watch. When asked about his two matches in WWE and both the times he ended up losing the bout, unfortunately, he commented, “Just fantastic. Awesome. Incredible. It was WrestleMania and Triple H. And a lot of fans if I understand what you’re trying to say here, sort of feel ‘Are you kind of disappointed that you lost two times?’ No, I’m not. I look back and say ‘Wow, great opponent in Triple H. Biggest stage and platform of them all.’ You know, wrestling fans remember me wrestling there.”
With the match against Seth Rollins that cost him the neck injury he commented, “I don’t think they’re walking away thinking it sucked because I should have won. Maybe for a minute. But more so they’ll remember that I was at WrestleMania. And then to have a world title match against Seth? Wow. I’ve been world champion many times, so it didn’t bother me.”

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