The heel Jericho was our first to the grandest stage of Wrestlemania with his special lightening jacket. Counters and innovative offenses were present for the most part of the match at Wrestlemania considering two world-class athletes competing in the ring. The match started slowly but gradually picked up with the momentum.

Both men were ready to kick out from their respective finishing maneuvers but it was Chris Jericho who emerged victorious at Wrestlemania proving everyone wrong and making every AJ Styles fans getting upset. Styles attempted a springboard fore-arm but ran into a Coderbreaker for the finish. Glimpses of the match are here:


On the other hand, The New Days’ title reign came to an end when they lost their title at the hands of League of Nations. Obviously, the numbers game came into play and the distraction was the sole reason for their win at Wrestlemania. King Barrett provided with a shot at the head of Xavier Woods when the referee was distracted and allowed Sheamus to hit with the Brogue Kick for the win at Wrestlemania and become the new tag champs.

Surprise came after the match when legends Stone Cold, Shawn Michalels and Mick Foley came to give us Wrestlemania moments as they a delivered a beat-down on the League of Nations.


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