A number of weeks ago, Hulk Hogan announced a thirty man over the top rope Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal including thirty WWE superstars. Till now, twenty six superstars have been official for this match, where some of the big names will also enter. Two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, we saw ten superstars fighting in an unofficial battle royal which the Big Show won. So can the Big Show come out as a winner from WrestleMania XXX? Let us give a close look at the favorites for Andre the Giant memorial battle royal;

The Big Show – The Big Show is being considered as the biggest threat of the match since he is one of the largest men of this battle royal. However, he had a very poor record in the grandest stage of them all. Just like the Miz said, The Big Show lost nine times at WrestleMania, which is more than anyone. The won only one singles match at WrestleMania that was in the WrestleMania 28 as he defeated Cody Rhodes to win the Intercontinental championship. Other three matches that he won were all tag team matches. So we have great doubts if Big Show really the ultimate deal to win this match. But if you look at the other superstars that are scheduled to participate in this match, there are not enough big names so the Big Show can be considered as a favorite.

Sheamus – The former World Heavyweight champion might walk out as a winner from the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania. Since his return, he was not given any serious push. He had a rivalry with Christian which he won though. At the Elimination Chamber match, he was the first superstar to get eliminated from the match. So the Celtic warrior might win this match.

Alberto Del Rio – Since losing the World Heavyweight championship to John Cena, Alberto Del Rio turned a mid carder and he needs to be elevated back to his main event position. There are rumors that Del Rio would quit professional wrestling, so should be given some prestigious achievements before his leave. This Andre the Giant memorial trophy would be perfect prize to give him before he leaves.

Christian – We know that Christian is suffering from a concussion right now but as the WWE medical team suggests Christian will be back very soon. And of course, the Captain Charisma is a favorite to win this match. After all, he is among one of the big names in this match.

The Miz – The former WWE champion The Miz is out of his main event status after he turned face. But after his recent promos and the stuffs he did, it looks like he finally turned heel again. So WWE might consider him giving his main event status back with the Andre the Giant memorial trophy.


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