Money in the Bank ladder this year would be performed for the WWE World Heavyweight championship for the first time in history. Excitement is really high surrounding the event. Four superstars have already been official for the match, they are Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Cesaro. Three or four more superstars will feature more in the match. So who are they going to be and who is going to win the match? Let us make some bold predictions;

First of all, I must say that Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose will go one on one at the Friday Night Smackdown this week. Our prediction goes for Bray Wyatt in this match, Dean Ambrose would possibly go one on one against Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank pay per view event. So Dean Ambrose might face a defeat against Bray Wyatt at the Friday Night Smackdown, Seth Rollins might turn out to be the responsible one for this defeat.

Two or three more superstars to go. Since Batista decided to quit, we are not going to list him as a possible candidate. Kane might be one of the seven competitors of this match. You see, he is the reason behind Daniel Bryan’s injury and he was also scheduled to face Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight championship in a stretcher match if Bryan was fit. So we can count Stephanie McMahon’s demon in the Money in the Ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Rusev is another individual who is favorite to join the other six superstars. But I do not know if it would be a wise idea to add Rusev into the main event frame so soon. I can clearly see that this guy would not be able to secure a great future with WWE. He seriously reminds me of Vladimir Kozlov. There are a lot of names like him who came to WWE and managed a great push in the early stage but could not keep it. So I would say, adding Rusev into the frame would not be a very wise idea.

John Cena was rumored to be picked up an eye injury last week at Main Event. But after his performance at Monday Night Raw, we can count on him that he might be able to continue and would feature in Money in the Bank match.

So who is going to win this match? There are two superstars who are serious favorites in this match. First is Bray Wyatt and the other one is Cesaro. But since the championship is on the line, we believe it would be Cesaro who is going to get the title on his shoulder. We all know that WWE is plotting for a massive push for the Swiss individual and this push might be the reason he lost at Payback. I do not know how wise this idea would be, but I cannot see anything beyond this right now.


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