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It was already reported in time for WWE Survivor Series 2021, that The Rock was originally hoped to make a few appearances. WWE promoted the event as the 25th anniversary of his debut with the company all the way back in 1996. For the entire month of November, content related to the most electrifying man in sports entertainment was released over the WWE Network and the social media platforms.

Over the summer, it was reported that The Rock was planned to be at the Survivor Series 2021 edition, possibly for a Wrestlemania buildup with Roman Reigns. However, reports later affirmed that the appearance would not be happening. Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast then published a report on revealing the original plans for the legendary superstar around the PPV.

The Rock Was Originally Planned To Make WWE Raw & Survivor Series 2021 Appearance 1

It was Zarian who was told that the 34th annual Survivor Series would be centered around The Rock as the timing was perfect with his new “Red Notice” movie release on Netflix, as well as WWE celebrating his 25th anniversary. WWE also brought in Netflix, NBCU, and FOX executives for the PPV show.

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Plans around The Rock was canceled

Zarian then noted that one source told him that WWE had hopes for The Rock to appear on Monday’s Raw as well as the PPV, but his busy schedule was the constraint in the situation. In September, the same source informed that The Brahma Bull wouldn’t be at the show due to his filming schedule and the fact that he needed to be in quarantine for travel.

There was still hope among some of the fans of WWE that The Great One could appear on the Survivor Series broadcast in a pre-taped promo segment since he couldn’t make it to the show. But then WWE still had some financial obligations to continue with plans to promote “Red Notice” which was the reason Vince McMahon appeared with Cleopatra’s Egg storyline.

The Rock Was Originally Planned To Make WWE Raw & Survivor Series 2021 Appearance 2

During a backstage segment from the PPV, it also looked like Vince McMahon planted the seeds for a possible match between The Rock and Roman Reigns as The Boss was showing off the “Cleopatra’s egg” that he received as a gift from The People’s Champion. Reports claim that we won’t be seeing this match at Wrestlemania 38 as Rock’s filming schedule would still be a hindrance.

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