After the heartbroken defeat of the Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, we have no update on him until now. Every single wrestling fan is waiting badly to hear from ‘the dead man’ to get any type of update from him. But there is nothing which can tell us about his current situation.

But it looks like the wait is finally coming to an end. Sportskeeda reported that the Undertaker will join the Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network this summer. Hopefully, we will get all the answers from him then;

“A reliable source has said that the return of the Podcast will mainly hinge on whether The Undertaker is willing to participate. Steve Austin has said in the past that The Undertaker has agreed to come on his show.

Now that The Undertaker has retired, it would be the perfect time to make good on his word. As the WWE are probably aware of this, they will not want The Undertaker interview airing solely on Podcast One and not on the WWE Network.

As we outlined in a prior article, it’s being said that Mark Calloway not only retired from in-ring competition at WrestleMania 33 but also laid The Undertaker character to rest.”  Sportskeeda reported.

WWE had a similar show to Stone Cold Podcast in the WWE Network. The show was known as ‘Legends with JBL.’ The show was dropped because of its similarities with Stone Cold Podcast. After the controversial interview of Dean Ambrose on the Stone Cold podcast, the show never aired. But according to Sportskeeda, the show will return again.

Dave Meltzer talked about this incident as he said;

“They haven’t done one since. They were supposed to do it every month. It could just be that they want JBL. He at least knows the framework of what they want, and Steve tries to be real, and they don’t really want real. They want their version of real, which is different from actual real, and JBL will do their version of real.”

Hopefully, Sportskeeda’s report is true. We are hoping to see the Undertaker in the Stone Cold Podcast soon as reported and we will get all the answers that are bothering us.


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