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After an unreasonable delay, Toni Storm returned on WWE television in the fall of 2021. Fans were more than ready to welcome her in the title picture. So, they got their wish true as she was right away inserted into the Smackdown Women’s Title feud against the top champion in Charlotte Flair. It was thought to be a way to elevate the status of the internationally-acclaimed superstar in WWE.

Ex WWE Smackdown Star Toni Storm Believed To Go To All Elite Wrestling 1

The reality turned out to be completely otherwise as Toni Storm ended up wanting her release from the WWE and got it without any hindrance. Although WWE has never confirmed the news of the bright superstar’s release, multiple reliable sources have confirmed that she is gone from the company.

Toni Storm will have a perfect spot at AEW

Now, the belief is that Toni Storm would end up being in the WWE, at some point. While speaking on Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell talked about the Australian superstar leaving WWE. He genuinely believes that down the road, the talent will end up going into All Elite Wrestling,

“Tony Khan is there in Jacksonville. If she had a conversation with him, which is against rules. Being in contract with one company and you’re talking to another company that’s, uh, that is a breach of contract. But I think she may have had other problems. I’m happy for her if she’s happier being at home. More power to her. But I don’t think she’s throwing her wrestling career away. I think she has plans on going to AEW eventually.”

Ex WWE Smackdown Star Toni Storm Believed To Go To All Elite Wrestling 2

The belief is also there that Toni Storm was burned out before quitting the WWE. She was unable to defeat Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Women’s Championship on the Christmas Eve edition of Friday Night Smackdown. Going by the looks, it seems like that was her last televised match in WWE.

If WWE has released her in a proper way then a no-compete clause must be rightfully tagged along with her which doesn’t make her a free agent for 90 days. The clause will expire in March 29 after which she can make the next move in her wrestling career. For now, there’s no update available on what she might be planning for the future. Winning the WWE NXT UK Women’s Championship remains the best career accolade for Toni Storm.

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