Top 10 WWE outfits that made a statement

Jeet / 23 April 2015

Outfits in professional wrestling have always been a big thing apart from gimmicks. reviewed the best outfits in the history of WWE;

#10 Demolition

Demolition made it clear from the moment they stepped foot in a WWE ring that two things were on their mind: pain and destruction. The face-painted brawlers donned unusual gear to prove that to their opposition.

Ax, Smash and Crush came to the ring covered in black leather and metal spikes from head to toe. They wore expressionless masks that covered all but their eyes, hiding the intimidating war paint beneath. Demolition even had spiked gauntlets covering the fists they used to deal out damage. Fortunately for their opponents, the three-time World Tag Team Champions had to take off their frightening gear before the beatings began.

#9 Triple H at WrestleMania 22

The Game’s match against John Cena at WrestleMania 22 was one of the most hotly anticipated bouts in history. Triple H used the disdain for Cena shown by portions of the WWE Universe as a method of getting under the WWE Champion’s skin, as well as demonstrating why they call him The Cerebral Assassin.

However, Triple H needed a way to show the Cenation leader that once the bell rang on The Grandest Stage of Them All, the mind games were over and the real battle would commence.

When The Game’s music hit, he rose up from beneath the stage, sitting on a throne etched out of stone. He menacingly looked out over the arena from beneath a metal crown covered in skulls. With a fur pelt draped over his massive shoulders, The Cerebral Assassin looked more like Conan the Barbarian, but his message was clear: The game had just begun.

#8 Goldust

No one was quite sure what to make of Goldust, one of the most controversial Superstars in WWE history. The son of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, The Bizarre One was the exact opposite of what anyone expected him to be.

The cinema-obsessed Superstar came to the ring in a gold robe, decorated with white feathers. His long, golden hair was a ruse, as he pulled off the wig before each bout. He removed his robe to reveal a full gold bodysuit. Goldust somewhat resembled a living Oscar, aka the Academy Award.

With his opponents bewildered by his unusual attire, Goldust was in control of any match before the bell rang.

#7 “Macho Man” Randy Savage at WrestleMania IV

Most Superstars are known for one outfit that makes them stand out from the pack, like Hulk Hogan’s red and yellow gear or Bret Hart’s pink and black ensemble. In the case of “Macho Man” Randy Savage, one just wasn’t enough.

Savage had a wealth of flowing, sequined robes and ring outfits. On most nights, he only got to show off his style once. However, WrestleMania IV’s WWE Championship tournament gave the “Macho Man” the potential opportunity to flaunt his extravagance four times, should he advance to the finals.

He approached the ring for his opening round match against Butch Reed decked out in a stunning blue robe. The lights in Atlantic City, N.J., reflected off the silver writing on the back, which read “Macho Man.” For his quarterfinal bout against Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Savage arrived decked out in a rainbow coat that probably blinded a few people in the front rows, with its pinks, blues and yellows shining bright.

Randy Savage was all business in the semifinals, donning a black cape with turquoise trim and a pair of his trademark sunglasses on the back, declaring that “Macho Madness” was in Trump Plaza. After defeating The One Man Gang, just one bout stood between Savage and sports-entertainment’s ultimate prize.

Savage knew he could out-do his opponent, The Million Dollar Man, and his white sequined tuxedo. He dug into his arsenal of capes and pulled out a bright white number that made him the center of attention. Underneath were his iconic orange trunks and yellow boots. One epic bout later and WWE’s flashiest Superstar was the new WWE Champion.

And we can’t forget about the stunning Miss Elizabeth. Savage’s valet pulled off four wardrobe changes, as well, wearing a matching dress for each of “Macho Man’s” elaborate outfits.

#6 Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VII

Ultimate Warrior was known for his outrageous outfits. His color choices made him look like a neon blur as he raced toward the ring. But the WWE Universe had never seen the Warrior make such a big deal out of one of his contests that he based his attire around it.

They also never had the time that they were allowed at WrestleMania VII to admire his gear. Facing “Macho King” Randy Savage at The Show of Shows in a match where the loser would be forced to retire, The Ultimate Warrior slowly paced to the ring, giving those watching an opportunity to gaze at the intricate vest he was wearing. Covered in his trademark tassels, the back of the full-length garment had highly detailed, airbrushed images of Savage and Warrior, standing nose-to-nose, on the brink of battle.

In addition, the face-painted maniac had his face printed on one of his kneepads, and “Macho King’s” on the other. In a bout with the careers of two of WWE’s most iconic Superstars on the line, Ultimate Warrior ensured that the epic struggle would stick with him forever.

#5 Rick Rude’s tights with Cheryl Roberts’ face

“Ravishing” Rick Rude had it all. A perfect body, tons of confidence and the brute force necessary to succeed in WWE. Although Rude found victory quite often, he enjoyed playing mind games with his competition. This often came in the form of his tights, which he loved to have printed with his opponents’ faces or something else distracting. For example, when he challenged for Ultimate Warrior’s Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania V, Rude had the championship printed on his tights and left the ring that night with the title around his waist.

Another example came several months before. The Ravishing One’s eye was caught by a particular lady in the crowd, who just happened to be Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ wife, Cheryl. “The Snake” obviously didn’t take kindly to Rude’s unwanted advances and sought retribution to maintain his wife’s honor.

Rude knew he had struck a nerve with Roberts and could dig a little deeper. He soon revealed a new pair of tights that shocked everyone who laid eyes on them. The Ravishing One had airbrushed Cheryl Roberts’ face on the front, much to the chagrin of Roberts. Needless to say, Rude didn’t get to wear those very often, as “The Snake” ripped them off his rival’s body.

#4 Hollywood Hogan

For more than a decade, red and yellow had become synonymous with the power of Hulkamania. Hulk Hogan embraced his trademark colors, incorporating them into everything he wore to the ring. Hulkamaniacs flocked to arenas wearing T-shirts and bandanas and waving foam fingers in support of the man with 24-inch pythons. However, everything changed on July 7, 1996. Betraying WCW and his longtime ally “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Hogan joined up with rebels Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to form the infamous New World Order.

The red and yellow–clad Hulkster was no more as he ditched all color from his wardrobe. The newly dubbed Hollywood Hogan made black and white his trademark colors, with The nWo followed suit. Hogan also donned a black beard that clashed with his blond handlebar mustache. Wearing long tights with lightning bolts striking down the sides and boots with his visage airbrushed on them, Hollywood Hogan let it be known that The Hulkster was now nWo 4-Life.

#3 Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 22

The Master of the 619 shocked the WWE Universe by winning the 2006 Royal Rumble, earning a World Heavyweight Title opportunity at WrestleMania 22. However, because of his size, many pegged Rey Mysterio as an underdog heading into a Triple Threat Match for the championship against Kurt Angle and Randy Orton. He knew he had to do something to show his fighting spirit.

With fellow San Diego natives P.O.D. playing his entrance theme live, Mysterio joined the band atop the WrestleMania stage, wearing the battle gear of an Aztec warrior. He wore chest armor with intricate designs etched in gold. In addition to his trademark mask, Mysterio covered his head with an amazing headpiece, with the beak of an eagle peaking between his eyes. Rainbow-colored feathers stood tall, creating a crown that went all around the work of art atop the masked marvel’s head.

Embracing his Mexican heritage while showing that he indeed had the heart of a warrior, Mysterio was more than prepared for his daunting challenge, and won the World Heavyweight Title.

#2 Sting adopts black and white gear

For years, Sting was the most colorful personality in WCW. With spiked, bleached blond hair and neon tights to match his multi-hued face paint, The Stinger had loud gear to go with his personality. His legions of fans howled as Sting captured numerous titles in the NWA and WCW.

However, things changed for The Stinger in 1996, during WCW’s battle with The nWo. His allies believed he had turned his back on them to join the rebellious faction. Even after Sting proved them wrong, he felt alone. The despondent Stinger disappeared from WCW locker rooms, hanging out in the rafters of arenas across the country.

What stood out to fans was that all color had disappeared from Sting’s wardrobe. He wore a long, black trenchcoat, and painted his face in all white, save for a few black streaks.

He resembled the lead character from the movie “The Crow,” and was just as mysterious. Nobody had a clue what was going through Sting’s mind, which seemed to be the way he wanted it. The monochrome look worked for The Stinger. The black-and-white warrior terrorized The nWo, eventually unseating Hollywood Hogan for the WCW World Title. Even after he earned the trust and respect of WCW once again, Sting kept the black and white paint for the rest of his WCW tenure.

#1 Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25

Shawn Michaels has had plenty of flashy outfits throughout his Hall of Fame career. None made a bigger statement than what he wore prior to his bout against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25.

The Undertaker was in Michaels’ head, recalling their last bout in 1998, which led to Michaels’ four-year absence from active competition. HBK, however, wanted to prove that he was not afraid of The Deadman.

Descending from the heavens on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Michaels was clad in a long, white coat and hat, dressed exactly like The Deadman, but on opposite ends of the spectrum. Openly mocking The Undertaker before such a momentous bout showed that Shawn Michaels was anything but scared.

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