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Top 10 Scariest WWE superstars of all time

Check out the scariest WWE superstars in the history of WWE as announced by;

#10 Paul Bearer

Paul Bearer’s persona was somewhat ghoulish and ghostly, yet his role in representing the Superstars he aligned himself with gave him everlasting recognition in the WWE Universe. Bearer’s trademark quivering, high-pitched voice and his “power of the urn” made a perfect accompaniment to the legendary Undertaker, and overall, their association was a successful one. Bearer also aligned himself for a brief time with Mankind back in the mid-1990s, in addition to revealing his “son” Kane in 1997 and then guiding his fortunes on many an occasion.

Whether it was a “trick” or a “treat” that came from the mind of Paul Bearer, it went a long way into making him one of the most unique personalities to have ever appeared in WWE.

#9 Luna Vachon

Following in the psychotic footsteps of her father, “Butcher,” and her uncle, “Mad Dog,” Luna carried on the twisted legacy of the legendary Vachon family in WWE. With her wild mohawk, bloodcurdling screams and a sneer that never seemed to leave her face, the second-generation competitor didn’t fit the mold of a typical WWE Diva, but that’s because she never wanted to.

“In a world full of butterflies, it takes guts to be a caterpillar,” Vachon told in 2007. It was this tough attitude that carried Luna from the rough rings of Japan and Extreme Championship Wrestling to the top of WWE Women’s division. A fearless associate to memorably unique Superstars like Bam Bam Bigelow and Goldust, Vachon would rather cause pain than look pretty. Unfortunate opponents like Sable and Jacqueline have the scars to prove it.

#8 Papa Shango

Papa Shango painted his face like a skeletal demon, wore a bizarre stove pipe hat and a necklace made of bones and carried a smoke-billowing skull to the ring. For a year and a half in the early 1990s, the witch doctor frightened anybody who watched WWE programming.

In the gargantuan voodoo wizard’s most notable moment, Shango cast a spell on Ultimate Warrior that made the former WWE Champion to vomit and caused a thick black liquid to pour from his head. While most such acts would be brushed off by the WWE Universe as merely entertainment, WWE fans never doubted that Shango was a true practitioner of black magic.

In an ultimate battle of good and evil, the terrifying Shango challenged Bret Hart for the WWE Championship on an edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event, but came up short and quietly left the WWE in 1993, though he left his stove pipe hat behind.

#7 “The French Angel” Maurice Tillet

 To the wrestling fans who queued up to see Maurice Tillet in the 1930s and ’40s, “The French Angel” was more monster than man. Billed by promoters as “the freak ogre of wrestling,” the bald Frenchman with the abnormally sized head and feet was touted as the closest thing to a Neanderthal modern science had ever seen.

In truth, Tillet was an intelligent, refined gentleman who was stricken with acromegaly — a glandular syndrome that can cause disfigurement and gigantism. But Tillet’s true life ailments led to big box-office as he toured the world, terrorizing fans and destroying NWA heroes like Danno O’Mahony and “Whipper” Billy Watson with his dreaded bear hug. The sideshow appeal of “The French Angel’s” matches soon revitalized a slumping wrestling business as keen promoters recognized that a unique attraction could draw more fans than a nondescript grappler. A long line of imitation “Angels” followed in the Frenchman’s wake, but none of them terrified a crowd quite like Maurice Tillet.

#6 Kevin Sullivan

He may not have looked like evil incarnate, but there was no denying that Kevin Sullivan was Satan in the squared circle. Dubbing himself “The Prince of Darkness,” Sullivan terrorized Championship Wrestling from Florida in the 1980s.

The short, stocky Bostonian became possessed with pure wickedness, evolving into a cult leader. Painting his face in increasingly odder patterns, Sullivan led his “Army of Darkness” down the aisle, each of them carrying snakes. Once they were in the ring, Sullivan laid on the mat while his cronies draped the reptiles over him in a strange ritual.

Sullivan’s army included legends like “Superstar” Billy Graham and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. The nightmarish help was much needed for the wicked competitor in his ongoing battles with heroes like Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan.

#5 Kane

When Kane made his first WWE appearance at Badd Blood 1997, few could have predicted the 15-year reign of terror the masked monster would inflict on WWE fans and opponents alike.

For The Devil’s Favorite Demon, his mask wasn’t a costume — it was armor, protection from the world witnessing his physical and emotional scars underneath. He paired it with black leather gloves and full-body tights with only one arm’s skin exposed. This implied to the WWE Universe that something was horribly wrong with his other limbs. This mystique created inherent fear, and although his wrestling gear has morphed several times over the years, he is still just as scary as ever.

Over the last 15 years, Kane has set men on fire, buried them alive and ruined weddings. He has dominated nearly every competitor to step foot in a WWE ring, and the scariest part is, Kane is just getting started.

#4 Abdullah the Butcher

Sports-entertainment has no shortage of heavyweight savages. But none of them have matched the intensity and thirst for brutality of Abdullah the Butcher.

The Madman from the Sudan has been terrorizing foes by jabbing his rusty fork across the globe for more than half a century, and in all this time, the 400-pounder’s distinctive look has barely changed — his baggy pants hiked high above his enormous waistline, his darting eyes and that disgusting forehead carved with deep scars that he can supposedly insert quarters into the wounds like coin slots.

In his only notable North American exposure, WCW fans witnessed Abby being fried in an electric chair during Halloween Havoc 1991’s infamous Chamber of Horrors Match. Even in defeat, Abby was absolutely terrifying.

#3 The Boogeyman

He’s The Boogeyman, and he’s coming to get you! While most kids are afraid of boogeymen hiding in their closet or under the bed, the WWE Universe was haunted by one hailing from The Bottomless Pit. Emerging with a staff that spewed an eerie red smoke, The Boogeyman signaled his arrival by smashing an alarm clock over his head.

After shaking off the clock’s broken glass, Boogeyman made his way to the ring, shaking and convulsing as his confused prey watched on. Most of his opposition was thrown off by his ghoulish entrance, leaving Boogeyman an opportunity to easily dispatch of them.

The ghastly Superstar wasn’t finished with a pinfall, though. Boogeyman liked to indulge with a little post-match snack immediately after the referee counted three. He eschewed processed protein bars in favor of a little natural treat: worms. Boogeyman grabbed a handful from a satchel he kept with him, stuffed them into his mouth and let the nightcrawlers drip from his toothless maw and onto his helpless opponent.

#2 Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Snakes aren’t what made Jake Roberts scary. Sure, the sight of the Superstar draping his massive Burmese python, Damien, over the body of a fallen opponent was enough to make anyone in the WWE Universe uneasy, but Roberts was capable of more evil than any of his serpents.

A psychological mastermind, the native of Stone Mountain, Ga., preyed on his opponents’ darkest fears. Once aligning himself with Ultimate Warrior during the maniacal Superstar’s war with The Undertaker, Roberts promised to bring the darkness out of Warrior, but ultimately betrayed him by locking him in a crypt full of poisonous snakes. And in one of WWE’s most memorably twisted moments, “The Snake” tied Randy Savage in the ring ropes and allowed a king cobra to sink its teeth into “Macho Man’s” arm. The sick pleasure Roberts took in this assault still haunts the WWE Universe today.

#1 The Undertaker

There is no other Superstar in sports-entertainment surrounded by myth and legend like The Undertaker. From the moment he debuted at Survivor Series 1990, through his constant reinventions, The Deadman has remained one of the most mystifying and frightening figures not only in the squared circle, but in all of pop culture.

For more than two decades, the unmistakable “GONG!” has signaled the imminent arrival of The Phenom. Though the WWE Universe welcomes his presence with open arms, the slow tone of “Graveyard Symphony” always sends chills throughout the arena. For years, the mystery and allure surrounding The Deadman was contained within Paul Bearer’s urn, but the legendary competitor’s ability to strike fear into the hearts of anyone brazen enough to cross his path is unmatched.

Through his entire evolution, The Undertaker has remained one of the most respected and intimidating Superstars in the history of sports-entertainment, not just because of his personality, but because there is something supernatural about The Phenom.

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