Top 5 Dream Undertaker Matches

Jeet / 28 July 2015

Here is the list of top 5 superstars whom the fans would love to see facing the Undertaker.


Some folks enjoy a masterful battle of wits in ongoing rivalries between their favorite Superstars. Others just like seeing someone get their head kicked in.

Those of you in the latter camp would undoubtedly enjoy what would result if Sheamus showed up in The Undertaker’s crosshairs. Brawling isn’t just a way to summarize these grapplers’ fighting styles; it describes their very essence. Sheamus and The Undertaker love a good fight, and leave everything out in the squared circle once the bell rings.

Their lack of familiarity with one another would also make for intriguing challenges for all parties involved. Would The Celtic Warrior crumble when standing across the ring from The Deadman? Would The Undertaker be able to handle the unrelenting offense of the mighty Sheamus? Which brawler would truly bring the pain to this strongman showdown?

And while visions of chokeslams and Tombstone Piledrivers dance in the heads of The Undertaker’s fans, the cold, hard truth of a Brogue Kick to The Deadman’s mouth might send The Celtic Warrior’s supporters into a frenzy. They would fight a merciless fight, and the WWE Universe will be the winners in the end.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins should have been finished. Done. Over. Kaput. Toast.

During WWE Battleground, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion had taken up residence in Suplex City, enduring a career-threatening 13 of the disc-herniating heaves. After Brock Lesnar hoisted Rollins atop his shoulders and sent him airborne with an F-5, condolences seemed imminent. But then, by demonic intervention, he was saved by the shocking appearance of The Undertaker.

And so it goes. Rollins has become, arguably, the most vexing escape artist in WWE history. Whether slipping past Randy Orton during a Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules or through Orton, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in a Fatal 4-Way Match at Payback, the man — with help — always seems to find an out. Unfortunately for Rollins, death will always find an in.

The Authority, through intimidation and trickery, has managed to keep Rollins on top. But The Deadman will never relent, come hell, high water or two men in matching 38/Short suits. Which is not to say Rollins’ athleticism and in-ring intellect are anything short of remarkable. But could he truly hope to outmaneuver and outthink a Superstar with more tenacity and knowledge than any before him? And yes,any. The WWE Universe may never know, but if it ever did, we could all thank heaven for one hell of a match. 

Luke Harper

Who better to match up against WWE’s ultimate intimidator than the fearless and unconventional Luke Harper? Whenever The Deadman’s eyes roll to the back of his head, it’s understood that trouble is on the way. Harper’s thousand-yard stare, however, may just be blind to such a clear harbinger of destruction, and that never-back-down mentality is what makes the matchup so intriguing.

Bray Wyatt is The New Face of Fear, but his flannelled acolyte is as fitting an heir apparent to The Phenom’s throne as any modern Superstar. Harper embodies many of the qualities that made The Undertaker unique originally: He’s laconic, but no less threatening for it; ruthless (maybe even on par with The Deadman); and, despite his immense frame, he doesn’t shy away from high-risk moves that depend on grace and agility. (Had The Undertaker never started diving over the top rope onto floored opponents in the first place, would Harper be propelling himself through the ropes today?)

Surely The Undertaker would be the favorite if this match ever came to fruition, but don’t say the prospect of Harper hitting The Phenom with a discus clothesline or Michinoku Driver doesn’t make you wonder, if only for a second, whether the black-bearded brawler’s high-powered offense could prove successful against The Phenom. 

Finn Bálor

There’s a new demon in town and his name is Finn Bálor. NXT’s newest champion —a hybrid grappler with a hellish split personality — is a peerless competitor with the unique ability to completely and utterly transform himself. Once Bálor encases himself in the scales and fangs of “The Demon” he’s all but unbeatable, not to mention unrecognizable as the gentle soul showcased in his WWE Network documentary. Thanks to that dark side, he’s only the second Superstar to ever pin Kevin Owens, and Bálor’s coronation as NXT Champion in Japan was a transcontinental event.

But how would Bálor do against the original demon, the one from Death Valley? Now that The Undertaker has risen, a grudge match against The Demon himself would be more than fitting for a figure who once called himself The Lord of Darkness. Hell, if you really want to up the stakes, make it a Loser Leaves Town Match. After all, this yard ain’t big enough for the both of them. 


To put it bluntly, this match needs to happen. There are the well-stated reasons — their comparable auras, their legendary presences, their respective distinctions as general to their platoon during the Monday Night War. Frankly, those factors alone would be enough to put their names on a marquee and draw more than 100,000 people to any WrestleMania. Yet, when beginning to dig deeper, one will see that there is so much more to The Undertaker vs. Sting fantasy than just the blissful ’90s nostalgia.

So rare is it to witness dual enduring tenures similar to those of The Phenom and The Vigilante. What are the odds that the two foundations of the Monday Night War have both withstood (and aced) the test of time? Past that, what are the odds that they are the same exact two Superstars that the sports-entertainment world has wanted to see clash for the better part of two decades? Those odds are low, exorbitantly low. Something greater than ourselves is clearly at work here.

Certain events in life are simply predestined to occur. The WWE Universe will continue to hold its collective breath that this astronomical-sized dream match has been but written in the stars all along.

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