King of The Ring
King of The Ring. Image Credits: Twitter
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Over the years, King of the Ring had been one of the most prestigious events in WWE history. This event is as old as WrestleMania itself and throughout the years it has produced some of the top stars of wrestling. The basic purpose of this tournament is to promote the future top star of the promotion, which it has done in most cases.

After 2002, King of the Ring totally lost its glory. WWE stopped organising King of the Ring as a pay for view event. They organized it every once in a while but in most cases with no purpose whatsoever. In 2024 Triple H finally brought it back in form of a pay per view event for the first time in 22 years.

Top 5 Worst King of The Ring Winners of All Time

But this time it is not only king of the Ring but the King and Queen of the Ring. Since 1985 a lot of Kings have been crowned. In this article, we will look at the worst winners of this tournament, who could not become any top stars in the future, as the winner of the tournament is intended to be.

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