Torrie Wilson
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Torrie Wilson is a retired American professional wrestler who is mostly famous among the wrestling fans because of her excellent run in WWE. She never got to win any championship in the promotion she was extremely popular among the fans. She also had a couple of year run in WCW. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2019.

Torrie Wilson Height, Weight, Age & More:

The billed height of Wilson is 5’7” and her billed weight is 133 lbs. She was born on July 24, 1975 and currently the WWE Hall of Famer is 48 year old. She always received the treatment of a prime diva in WWE and that was mostly because of her excellent physique. She remained active in the wrestling world until 2008.

Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson. Image Credits: Twitter

Torrie Wilson: Age, Height, Weight, Husband, Net Worth, Family, Injury Details, Tattoo, and Other Unknown Facts

Torrie Wilson Early Life

Wilson was born on July 24, 1975 and currently she is 48 year old. Boise, Idaho is the place where Torrie Wilson born. It is said that she was extremely shy growing up. She had multiple activities in school including cheerleading, dance, and track and field. She wanted to pursue a career in acting at first but she came to the wrestling world accidentally.

Who is Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson is a 48 year old retired American professional wrestler who worked in major professional wrestling promotions like WWE and WCW. She is best known among the wrestling fans for her tenure in WWE. She worked throughout the Ruthless Aggression Era and earned a big fan base. WWE inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2019.

Torrie Wilson WWE Debut

Wilson made her WWE debut in June 2001 and she became a part of the WWE vs. Alliance storyline instantly after joining the promotion. She started her WWE career as a heel and she worked as a member of Team Alliance. On her first storyline in the promotion, she was shown in a storyline with Vince McMahon having an illegitimate affair.

Professional Wrestling Career

Joining WCW

Before joining the world of professional wrestling, Wilson was trying to pursue a career in acting. In 1999, she visited a show of WCW Nitro along with her then boyfriend. WCW Legend Scott Steiner got to see her in the backstage and he gave her a proposal to work in WCW. Later another WCW Legend Kevin Nash also expressed his desire to work with her.

Early Days in WCW

Wilson was ready to work in WCW and in February 1999 she made her first appearance for the promotion, the first ring name she got in the promotion was Samantha. She got a big storyline instantly after joining the promotion as she had been assigned to a storyline with Ric Flair and his son David Flair. It was a big opportunity for her.

Storyline with WCW

The storyline was something like this; she was assigned by the New World Order nWo so that she could turn David Flair on his father by seducing him. She had been pretty impressive from the very first day of joining WCW and she started working regularly as a valet for David Flair. She managed David Flair during some of his big matches.

Storyline with Billy Kidman

Later she started a storyline with Billy Kidman as she was seen flirting with Kidman which resulted in a few between Kidman and David Flair. But ultimately she betrayed David Flair and started working on Kidman’s side. She also managed her Filthy Animals teammates which was a faction of which Kidman was a member.

Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson. Image Credits: Twitter

In Ring Works in WCW

Wilson started her WCW career mostly working as a manager and she also did some other and non wrestling roles. Slowly she stepped inside the ring and was having some matches with various names. One of her memorable matches was a mixed match where she teamed up with Shane Douglas to take on the team of Billy Kidman and Madusa. Wilson’s team was victorious in this match.

Professional Information Table


Ring Name


Torrie Wilson


Torrie Wilson Nick Names






Professional Wrestler


Torrie Wilson Height




Torrie Wilson Weight


133 lbs.


Relationship Status




Torrie Wilson Net Worth


$2 Million


Torrie Wilson Eye Color




Hair Color




Wrestling Debut








Torrie Wilson Signature Moves


Stinkface, Handspring Back Elbow, Swinging Neckbreaker, DDT


Finishing Move(s)


Sitout Facebuster


Theme Song / Torrie Wilson Song / Torrie Wilson Music


Need a Little Time







Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson. Image Credits: Twitter

Torrie Wilson Net Worth & Salary

Wilson is a WWE legend who worked throughout WWE Ruthless Aggression Era of the promotion. According to reports from various media sources, the current net worth of Wilson is estimated to be somewhere around $2 million. She is presently not signed to any wrestling promotion so she does not receive any salary at this moment.

Torrie Wilson Family

Wilson was born on July 24, 1975 in Boise, Idaho. Her father, Al Wilson became a part of a WWE storyline in 2002 to early 2003. He was shown in a kayfabe relationship with Dawn Marie and it started a rivalry between Torrie and Dawn Marie. Al Wilson was shown dead in January 2003 in an episode of Smackdown but he was alive in real. He passed away in April 2019.

Championships and Accomplishments

Wilson never got to win any championships in the wrestling world. She had a short run in WCW and she also spent over seven years in WWE but she never any championships from any promotion. Reports suggest that she was offered to win the WWE Women’s title but she refused to win it. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019.

Championships and Accomplishments Table

Championships and Accomplishments / Trophy (WWE) WWE Hall of Fame (Class of 2019)
Awards & Achievements (Outside WWE) *








Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson. Image Credits: Twitter

Personal life & Lifestyle

In late 2002, Wilson entered a storyline with Dawn Marie which also included Wilson’s real life father Al Wilson. Al was shown to be in a kayfabe relationship with Dawn Marie and Torrie ultimately ended up having a feud with Dawn Marie. Together, they had a match at Royal Rumble 2003 which was promoted as stepmother vs. stepdaughter match. It was one of the highly criticized storylines of the mentioned time.

Personal Information Table


Torrie Wilson Real Name / Full Name


Torrie Anne Wilson


Birth Date     



July 24, 1975


Torrie Wilson Age




Relationship Status




Zodiac Sign






Boise, Idaho








Boise, Idaho




Boise State University


Educational Qualification


Not known




Not known


Torrie Wilson Ethnicity




Current Residence


Houston, Texas






Torrie Wilson Tattoo



Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson. Image Credits: Twitter

Torrie Wilson Movies and TV Shows

Before becoming a professional wrestler, Wilson attempted her luck to become an actor. She made her acting debut in the famous American Television Series Baywatch. She made a cameo appearance in 21st episode of Season 9. She also made cameo appearances in some other television series. She worked in two movies too.

Torrie Wilson Husband

In 2003, Wilson married her fellow professional wrestler Billy Kidman. The couple met each other in 1999 for the first time when Wilson was hired by WCW and started working in the promotion. Wilson also worked as the manager of Kidman in WCW. They got divorced in 2008. In 2019, Wilson got married for the second time. This time she married Justin Tupper.

Success in WWE

Final Days in WCW

In December 2000, Wilson was released from WCW after having an excellent couple of years with the promotion. WCW was going through a terrible time period and in a number of months the promotion was about to shut down. Wilson had to remain jobless for a while after getting released from WCW but she did not have to wait for very long.

Joining WWE

In June 2001 Wilson made her WWE debut and she instantly started working as a part of the WWE vs Alliance storyline and she became a part of Team Alliance. She made her WWE debut as a heel and from the very first day of joining the promotion she started working in the ring, unlike her WCW beginnings. But she mostly worked on gimmick matches.

Early Smackdown Days

After the WWE vs Alliance storyline was over, and the Ruthless Aggression Era started, WWE started the first ever brand split. The WWE Women’s Championship became exclusive for Monday Night RAW and Wilson became a part of Smackdown where women did not have much to do apart from being objectified.

Storyline with Dawn Marie

Wilson had never been promoted as a potential contender for any Championship in WWE. She might have been objectified for most of the time period in her WWE career but she had some storylines as well. From later 2002 to early 2003 she had a feud with Dawn Marie which also included Wilson’s father. Together the duo had a match at Royal Rumble 2003 and it was won by Wilson.

Vince’s Devils

Wilson remained a part of Smackdown until 2005 and in the mentioned year she was moved to RAW. She turned heel for the first time in four long years and she started working as a member of the Vince’s Devils faction along with Candice Michelle and Victoria. She also had a storyline with Carlito from 2006 to 2007. She remained active in WWE until 2008 and she was released from the promotion in the same year.

Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson. Image Credits: Twitter

Retirement, Sporadic Appearances

After getting released from WWE in 2008 she also announced her retirement from Professional wrestling. She made a number of appearances after her WWE departure in 2008. She became a surprise entrant of the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match of 2018 and in 2019 she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. She also inducted Stacy Keibler into the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame.

Iconic Quotes From Torrie Wilson

“I was dating a guy that was a huge wrestling fan and I’m embarrassed to say it now but I used to make fun of him for watching it.”

“If there was one thing I’d like to teach young women, it would be that you can eat and still be fit and lean.”

“Time really has gone by fast. I don’t know if your path is pre-written or what, but it’s crazy how one thing just leads to another.”

“I like the performing part, it gives me a huge rush but it still makes me nervous. Being in front of large crowds is intimidating to me and I feel myself withdrawing.”

“It was between the ages of 14 and 20 and I started off not eating at all, maybe an apple a day.”

“This sounds really lame, but I’m pretty proud of my feet.”

“I’ve gotten so many compliments for having nice feet.”

Notable Feuds and Rivalries of Torrie Wilson

Wilson had a decade long wrestling career in the world of professional wrestling and she had multiple feuds with some of the top stars of WWE. One of her early Rivals in WWE was Dawn Marie. Together they had multiple matches including their infamous match from Royal Rumble 2003 with the angle of stepmother vs stepdaughter.

Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson. Image Credits: Twitter

She also had multiple other feuds with different big stars in WWE with the likes of Melina and Victoria. After Melina joined WWE in 2005, Wilson was the first rival of her. She received a strong push over Wilson which helped her in her future. She also had an impressive feud with Victoria and together they had multiple matches. Wilson had been pretty impressive against the former two times WWE Women’s Champion.

Torrie Wilson Injury

Wilson was active in the wrestling world for nearly a decade. Much like most of the professional wrestlers, Wilson also had to go through multiple injuries. She had a history of back problems and she had to suffer back injuries more than once during her wrestling career. She had to remain out of action for months due to these injuries.

Other Details

Wilson appeared in multiple WWE video games as playable characters. Her first appearance was in WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth video game which was released back in November 2002. Since then she appeared in loads of WWE video games until WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008. She also appeared in WCW video game WCW Backstage Assault.


Torrie Wilson Salary




Brand Endorsements










Not known

Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson. Image Credits: Twitter

Torrie Wilson Social Media Accounts

Wilson is active on Twitter and Instagram from verified accounts. Her verified Twitter account has a total following of 554.7K and her Instagram has a total following of 1.1 million. Here are links of her social media accounts where you can follow her. Torrie Wilson Twitter, Torrie Wilson Instagram.

Torrie Wilson Win Loss Record

Promotion Win % Draw % Loss %
WCW 6 (42.86%) 0 (0.00%) 8 (57.14%)
WWE 68 (51.13%) 4 (3.01%) 61 (45.86%)
WWF 11 (55.00%) 0 (0.00%) 9 (45.00%)
TOTAL 85 (50.90%) 4 (2.40%) 78 (46.71%)
Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson. Image Credits: Twitter

Torrie Wilson Manager

Wilson never worked with any professional managers in her wrestling career but she had been managed by some of her fellow wrestlers. When she worked as a member of the Vince’s Devils stable, she had been regularly managed by her teammates, Candice Michelle and Victoria. She started her career as a valet and she managed various names like David Flair and Billy Kidman.


Q. When did Torrie Wilson start wrestling?

A. Torrie Wilson started working in 1999

Q. How tall is Torrie Wilson in feet?

A. Torrie Wilson is 5’7” tall in feet

Q. Who is Torrie Wilson manager?

A. Torrie Wilson does not have a manager

Q. What is current Torrie Wilson song?

A. Torrie Wilson uses the song ‘Need a Little Time’

Q. Who is Torrie Wilson mother?

A. Not known

Q. Who is Torrie Wilson father?

A. Torrie Wilson’s father was Al Wilson

Q. Who is currently Torrie Wilson girlfriend?

A. Torrie Wilson is currently married to Justin Tupper

Q. Who is Torrie Wilson brother?

A. Not known

Q. How much is Torrie Wilson worth?

A. Torrie Wilson’s net worth is something around $2m

Q. How many Championships Torrie Wilson won in WWE so far?

A. Torrie Wilson could not win any Championships in WWE as of now