Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy. Image Credits: Twitter


Uncle Howdy aka Bo Dallas is an American Professional wrestler who is best known for his time in WWE. He never worked in any other wrestling promotion outside of WWE. He played the character of Bo Dallas during his early WWE career and later he played the character of Uncle Howdy. He is still under contract with WWE.

Uncle Howdy Height, Weight, Age & More:

The billed height of Dallas is 6’1″ and his billed weight is 234 lbs. He was born on May 25, 1990 and currently, the former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion is 33 year old. He belongs to a family totally dedicated to the world of professional wrestling. He is a third generation professional wrestler as his grandfather, father, and uncle were all involved in the wrestling world.

Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy. Image Credits: Twitter

Uncle Howdy: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Injury Details, Tattoo, and Other Unknown Facts

Uncle Howdy Early Life

Dallas was born on May 25, 1990 and currently he is 34 year old. Brooksville, Florida is the place where Bo Dallas born. He was born and brought up in the famous Rotunda wrestling family and it was not very difficult for him to inherit pro wrestling. He studied in Hernando High School and he graduated in year 2008. He played American football in his high school days.

Who is Uncle Howdy

Uncle Howdy is a 33 year old American Professional wrestler who is also famously known as Bo Dallas in the world of wrestling world. He is currently under contract with WWE and is expected to make his return to the promotion soon while playing his famous dark Uncle Howdy character. He never worked in any other promotion outside of WWE.

Uncle Howdy WWE Debut

Dallas signed a developmental professional contract with WWE in 2008 and worked in the developmental territories of the promotion until early 2014. He made his in ring debut against Kaleb O’Neal in the Florida Championship Wrestling FCW which was then developmental territory of WWE. In 2014, he made his main roster debut against Sin Cara in a winning effort.

Professional Wrestling Career

Signing with WWE

Dallas came into the wrestling world in 2008. He was a third generation professional wrestler as his grandfather, father, uncle, and elder brother, all were active in the wrestling business. So it was not really difficult for him to inherit professional wrestling. He was fortunate enough to be signed by WWE and he signed a developmental contract with the promotion.

FCW Career

He was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling FCW which was the developmental territory of WWE during the time. His first ever wrestling match was in November 2008 against Kaleb O’Neal and he lost his first match. He kept on working in Florida Championship Wrestling until WWE ended ties with the promotion. He was one of the most successful wrestlers of Florida Championship Wrestling.

Success in FCW

He won the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship three times in total. He also won the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship along with his real life brother Bray Wyatt two times. After WWE started NXT as their new developmental territory, Dallas was transferred to it. He had been treated as a top star in NXT just like he was treated in Florida Championship Wrestling.

Success in NXT

He started playing the Bo Dallas character in the NXT and he won the NXT championship one time and he was the one to dethrone the inaugural NXT Champion Seth Rollins. He worked in the NXT for a couple of years. He was promoted to the main roster in 2014 and he arrived in the main roster with a lot of potential since he was a top star in the NXT.

Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy. Image Credits: Twitter

Main Roster Debut

Dallas started working as a hill in the main roster of WWE and he made his main roster debut on May 2014 by defeating Sin Cara.  One of his early feuds in the promotion was with Kofi Kingston. He had been promoted as a top mid card in the promotion but fans were bored with his annoying character and soon WWE decided to take the big push away from him.

Professional Information Table


Ring Name


Bo Dallas, Uncle Howdy


Uncle Howdy Nick Names






Professional Wrestler


Uncle Howdy Height




Uncle Howdy Weight


234 lbs.


Relationship Status




Uncle Howdy Net Worth


$1.5 Million


Uncle Howdy Eye Color


Dark Brown


Hair Color




Wrestling Debut








Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy Signature Moves


Bo Dazzler, Inverted DDT, Running Crossbody, Running big boot to a bent over opponent


Finishing Move(s)


Rope-Hung Whiplash Neckbreaker, Sister Abigail (as Uncle Howdy)


Theme Song / Uncle Howdy Song / Uncle Howdy Music






“All You Have to do, is Bolieve!”



Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy. Image Credits: Twitter

Uncle Howdy Net Worth & Salary

According to reports from most of the media sources, the current net worth of Dallas is estimated to be somewhere around $1.5 million. Reports also suggest that he earns something around $300,000 as his annual salary from WWE. He is still under contract with WWE and is expected to make his return soon in the promotion.

Uncle Howdy Family

Dallas was born on May 25, 1990 in Brooksville, Florida. He is a third generation professional wrestler as his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan, his father Mike Rotunda, and his uncle Barry Windham were all famous wrestlers. His brother Bray Wyatt was also a famous professional wrestler and a three times World Champion.

Championships and Accomplishments

Dallas has only worked in WWE and he never had to work in any other wrestling promotion. He won multiple championships from the developmental territories including three FCW Florida Heavyweight title and also the NXT Championship. He won the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship one time in the main roster.

Championships and Accomplishments Table

Championships and Accomplishments / Trophy (WWE) WWE Raw Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Curtis Axel, WWE 24/7 Championship (1 time), NXT Championship (1 time)
Awards & Achievements (Outside WWE) FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship (3 times), FCW Florida Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with Duke Rotundo/Husky Harris

Pro Wrestling Illustrated – Ranked No. 73 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2014

Records One time WWE RAW Tag Team Champion
Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy. Image Credits: Twitter

Personal life & Lifestyle

Dallas never worked in any other wrestling promotion outside of WWE and he played two different characters in the main roster of the promotion. He first played the character of Bo Dallas and he made his debut as Uncle Howdy in 2022. There had been confusions on who was actually playing the character behind the mask but later it as confirmed that Bo Dallas was the one who played this characrer.

Personal Information Table


Uncle Howdy Real Name / Full Name


Taylor Michael Rotunda


Birth Date     



May 25, 1990


Uncle Howdy Age




Relationship Status




Zodiac Sign






Brooksville, Florida








Brooksville, Florida




St. Cronan’s School


Educational Qualification


No information available yet






Uncle Howdy Ethnicity




Current Residence


Indianapolis, Indiana




Not known


Uncle Howdy Tattoo



Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy. Image Credits: Twitter

Uncle Howdy Movies and TV Shows

Dallas acted in only one movie so far in his career, in 2017 he played the character of Alonzo in the movie The Marine 5 which was produced by WWE Studios. The movie also starred his fellow WWE stars Maryse Ouellet Mizanin, Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, Naomi and with the former two times WWE Champion The Miz on the lead role. Dallas also appeared as himself in the Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal documentary which was dedicated to his brother Bray Wyatt.

Uncle Howdy Wife

Dallas is currently single and he is not dating anyone at this moment according to reports. Previously he was married to Sarah Bäckman who is a former professional wrestler. She had been active in the NXT which is the development Territory of WWE for a short amount of time. Dallas and Sarah Bäckman got married in 2014 and they got divorced in 2019.

Main Roster Success

Multiple Feuds

After joining the main roster, Dallas received a very big push as he even started an undefeated streak. He even received victories over some of the top stars like Kofi Kingston, The Great Khali, and Dolph Ziggler. But after he lost his undefeated streak to R Truth, he slowly became a jobber. But his push was not sacrificed immediately as he kept on receiving victories over big names like Jack Swagger and Mark Henry.


By 2016, WWE totally gave up on his push. He was present in lower mid card and jobber roles. Despite working as a jobber, he managed to win the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship one time. After working in several number of lower mid card storylines, he was released from the promotion in April 2021 after remaining under contract with the promotion for 13 long years.

Debut of Uncle Howdy

After getting released by WWE in 2021, Dallas did not join any wrestling promotion but remained out of action for one and a half years. In 2022, Bray Wyatt returned to WWE with a new character and there was an alter ego character of Wyatt named Uncle Howdy who also started to appear along with Bray Wyatt.

Final Days as Uncle Howdy

It had been a big question who is the actual man playing the character of Uncle Howdy behind the mask. There had been a lot of speculations on who it could be. Ultimately it was revealed that the character was being played by Bo Dallas. But with the unfortunate demise of Bray Wyatt in 2023, the character of Howdy also went missing.

Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy. Image Credits: Twitter

Recent Days, Potential Return

However, Dallas remained under contract with WWE event after Bray Wyatt’s death. Recently, random QR Codes have started to appear in the episodes of Smackdown and RAW, totally similar to the return of Bray Wyatt. Fans are speculating that this might be the return of Uncle Howdy along with the much awaited Wyatt 6 faction. Nothing is officially confirmed yet.

Quotes From Uncle Howdy

“Coming here, I sharpened and fine-tuned everything I had and needed. What I thought of as myself as a performer, I looked back and was like, ‘Wow, I improved from where I was.’ I thought I was ready and then saw the improvements I made which were unbelievable. It makes the transition from down here to up there (the WWE roster) so much easier because you’re prepared for what they need you to do. It’s not like you’re jumping into a whole other world. You’re prepared for what they need.”

Notable Feuds and Rivalries of Uncle Howdy

Dallas’ first run in WWE lasted 13 long years and he had multiple rivalries with some of the top stars of WWE. One of his early rivals of his WWE career was the former WWE World Champion Kofi Kingston. He also had an excellent feud with another former World Champion Dolph Ziggler. He received victories over both of these former World Champions.

Jack Swagger had also been one of his top rivals during his early days in the main roster. He also had rivalries with the life of The Great Khali and R-Truth. After adopting the character of Uncle Howdy, he was having a strange feud with his brother Bray Wyatt but it could not be concluded as Wyatt passed away. We can expect him to have top feuds once he returns to WWE.

Uncle Howdy Injury

Dallas is active in the wrestling world since 2008 and he suffered multiple injuries throughout his wrestling career. He suffered a foot injury after his defeat to Mark Henry at the Hell in a Cell event of 2014 and this injury sidelined him from action for four long months. He made his return to action during the Andre The Giant memorial Battle Royal on pre show of WrestleMania 31.

Other Details

Dallas appeared in multiple WWE video games as playable characters. The first video game in which he appeared in was WWE 2K15. Since then he appeared in each and every WWE video game until WWE 2K20. He has also appeared in WWE 2K23 as Uncle Howdy. However, he only featured in this video game as a DLC.


Bo Dallas Salary




Brand Endorsements


WWE Merchandise








Not known

Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy. Image Credits: Twitter

Uncle Howdy Social Media Accounts

Dallas is not active on any social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram accounts with any verified accounts.

Uncle Howdy Win Loss Record

Promotion Win % Draw % Loss %
FCW 130 (69.15%) 3 (1.60%) 55 (29.26%)
NXT 59 (64.13%) 0 (0.00%) 33 (35.87%)
WWE 139 (25.69%) 7 (1.29%) 395 (73.01%)
TOTAL 328 (39.95%) 10 (1.22%) 483 (58.83%)
Uncle Howdy
Uncle Howdy. Image Credits: Twitter

Uncle Howdy Manager

Dallas mostly worked as a singles wrestler during his early career but later, he worked in factions and tag teams. He was a member of the Social Outcasts faction and he also worked as a tag team with Curtis Axel, they had been managed by teammates throughout his time. He never worked with any professional managers in his wrestling career so far.


Q. When did Uncle Howdy start wrestling?

A. Dallas started working in 2008

Q. How tall is Uncle Howdy in feet?

A. Dallas is 6’1” tall in feet

Q. Who is Uncle Howdy manager?

A. Dallas does not have a manager

Q. What is current Uncle Howdy song?

A. Dallas uses the song ‘Feared’ as Uncle Howdy

Q. Who is Uncle Howdy mother?

A. Dallas’ mother was Stephanie Rotunda

Q. Who is Uncle Howdy father?

A. Dallas’ father is famous professional wrestler Mike Rotunda who is a five times WWE Tag Team Champion

Q. Who is currently Uncle Howdy girlfriend?

A. Dallas is currently single

Q. Who is Bo Dallas brother?

A. Dallas’ brother was wrestling legend and former three times WWE World Champion Bray Wyatt

Q. How much is Uncle Howdy worth?

A. Dallas’ net worth is something around $1.5m according to reports

Q. How many times has Uncle Howdy won the NXT title?

A. Dallas had been a one time NXT Champion