Undertaker and Sting booked for an appearance in the 2015 Summer Slam

Vicky / 16 July 2015

According to the most reliable Wrestling Journalist Dave Meltzer, “The Phenom” Undertaker has been booked to appear in this year’s Summer Slam which will be taking place at The Barclays Center at Brooklyn, New York. Undertaker, who last appeared in WWE during the WrestleMania 31 at California might not be the only Wrestler who will be making his presence felt. Sting, who made a surprise entry to WWE during last year’s Survivor Series for a feud with COO Triple H might be joining Undertaker in the Pay Per View that will take place on August 23.

But there are no indication on what matches they’ll be in, but WWE will be building the hype up in the weeks before August 23rd. This comes after the rumours that The Undertaker might return this Sunday at Battleground. Things happen when ratings go down, although the Sting thing was happening anyway,  Meltzer stated. Adding to this, pictures of Undertaker training hard in the Gym went viral on the Internet. This could well be a sign that the WWE fans could actually see the Deadman Walking once again.

Here is a tweet of DeFrancos Gym’s owner Joe De Franco which revealed the training of Undertaker:


This is a clear sign that WWE is losing its viewership because of poor storylines as an effect of which many are even unsubscribing the WWE Network. WWE must relying on the presence of Undertaker and Sting to give the viewership a huge boost. Sting is also scheduled for the Steve Austin WWE Network podcast show.

As for who The Undertaker could be wrestling, Meltzer states I presume because Heyman keeps mentioning him, that it has something to do with Lesnar, I don’t know that for sure though. It could be an awkward one for WWE to book, as Lesnar and Undertaker are both over as faces. What would make more sense is if WWE did The Undertaker versus Sting, which is a dream match for many fans.

He also stated that he is not sure about Sting’s case. He said Sting had an opponent booked, but that has changed due to injuries the opponent suffered. Sting will now face somebody else. There’s no word on who the original opponent was, but Meltzer clarified that it wasn’t Ryback.


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