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Back in May, Sasha Banks and Naomi Sasha Banks walked out from WWE Monday Night RAW, leading the fans to speculate about their career. Since that happened, the duo had made public appearances but never commented about their status with the company. Due to the mystery, they continue to dominate the headlines of the pro-wrestling circuit.

Sasha Banks and Naomi have stayed off the wrestling scene since their potential departure from the WWE. In between, they found time and opportunity to slay at the New York Fashion Week and appear at a Marvel web series premiers and comic book conventions. These have been possible hints that the duo could be trying their luck in the mainstream industry.

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Update On Sasha Banks Following Removal Of WWE From Social Media Profile 1

Then a couple of days ago, Sasha Banks changed her Twitter handle from @SashaBanksWWE to her real name, @MercedesVarnado. This was noted as a big move on the WWE Superstar’s part to disassociate herself from the company as much as possible. Moving on, she has updated fans around the new handles. Along with the new links she mentioned the “New handles same handler” thing.

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Uncertainty over Sasha Banks and Naomi’s WWE status continues

This could definitely be a sign that Sasha Banks isn’t heading back to the world of wrestling namely WWE, anytime soon. But recent reports also suggested that has she struck a deal with WWE via which she might be allowed to continue using her real-life name while also playing the in-ring character for the company. That being said, nothing is set in stone for the top superstar of the WWE.

A wild rumor theory informs that the upcoming WWE Survivor Series WarGames pay-per-view is scheduled to take place in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. A women’s WarGames match has already been declared by the WWE and the company will be needing to fill up the deck for the match. Hence, Sasha Banks could make a grand return on that night amid huge pop from her hometown audience.

Update On Sasha Banks Following Removal Of WWE From Social Media Profile 2

Sasha Banks and Naomi steered a lot of controversies when they walked out of Monday Night Raw taping in May. PWInsider suggested that the two women were frustrated regarding creativity over the WWE Women’s Tag Titles. Their main problem was with Vince McMahon who has since announced retirement. Under Triple H’s creative freedom, things could be bright if the rebel duo does come back.


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