Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins appeared on the where he discussed about some interesting stuffs. Here are some highlights;

Q: Before you signed with WWE, you worked with other wrestling organizations. Is there a big difference?

A: Sometimes I wrestled in front of very small crowds for very small amounts. I’ve done bingo halls and tents in front of 10 people with a cow mooing in the background. Doing that and then going to Wrestlemania and the Superdome and wrestling in front of 80,000 people is night and day.

The crazy thing is that at the core of it all, however you’re doing it, in front of however many people, it’s the same. You’re telling a story and interacting with the crowd.

Q: Do you have a lot of control over your persona?

A: I haven’t run into too many hiccups as far as creative control. The guys here are really talented and they do amazing, original programming 52 weeks a year. It’s really unprecedented as far as live television is concerned.

Q: So how much of Seth Rollins is you?

A: It’s a lot of me with a little bit of WWE added in. They’re expert at creating brands and marketing brands. We brainstormed and developed and turned Seth Rollins into the kind of cool persona I really enjoy being a part of. You have to have some of you in that.

Former WCW World champion Sting recently talked to Scott Fisherman of the Miami Herald. He was asked about a lot of interesting stuffs with his meeting with Vince McMahon, his views on Bray Wyatt and more. Here are some highlights;


 His dealings with WWE so far:
“It’s very impressive. It’s a class A operation. These are very professional people, from the office people to marketing to merchandising. I was up in the offices in Connecticut and saw the different departments. It’s unbelievable. The whole roster, the talent and everybody there has been all top-notch.”

Meeting Vince McMahon:
“It was very good. I’ve spoken to him many times over the years. I may a NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) convention over the years in the early 1990’s at one point. There was a recent time a few weeks ago we had met.”

A possible match with Bray Wyatt, who caught Sting’s eye:
“I’d love to see that. I’d love to see Bray Wyatt coming up the way he is because he has the one thing I do believe that is missing. It’s the characters. Everybody is just so grey. Not everybody. I’m just saying wrestling in general in the last 10 years or so everybody got kind of grey. The personalities I grew up with like “Macho Man” Randy Savage was a reason I wanted to get into wrestling. Hulk Hogan and his personality, completely over-the-top. So I think this is really good. Wyatt is not completely over-the-top. Bray Wyatt has the ability to have a good mix of both. He has some realism along with his character.”

Keeping up with WWE:
“I’m just now starting to watch and pay attention. I’m learning the roster as we speak because I’m a strange breed. You have 30 years, and I’ve never watched any wrestling really. I don’t watch it. I never have. I never watched myself. So now I’m just learning it all. I’m using it for study.”


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