Wrestlemania is all about to give us with something special and this year to it did not fail to bring us smile in face when legends like Stone Cold, HBK and Mick Foley showed up. It was an epic moment when they appeared on the stage of Wrestlemania together to confront the League of Nations.
The segment was like this (courtesy SportsKeeda.com)
It was HBK who showed up first ripping his shirt off and we knew some more was to follow him and that appeared to be Mick Foley and none other than Texas’ own Stone Cold Steve Austin. While many would have expected a fourth legend to pop out from backstage, it was down to the three of them to shut the League of Nations up.

The fans at the Wrestlemania were at their best as the three legends walked towards the ring to put the League of Booty in their rightful place. The legendary trio along with the New Day went on to take the League Of Nations out, but not before the fans got to witness three iconic finishers in all their glory.
At the finishing moments, when the LoN were sent to the trash, The New Day decided to celebrate with these legends and Foley, HBK did their bit of twirking but the Texas rattlesnake was in his mood and delivered his pendant move, the stunner on Xavier Woods and hold the beer can to celebrate with the crowd.
Later the Rock had his own segment with the Wyatt family and then it turned it into a match and he set a record by pinning Eric Rowan in just six seconds. Wait, there’s more as John Cena showed up and helped Rock to shove off the Wyatts. Rock ended the segment with his people elbow.

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