This was a must win situation for both of them at Wrestlemania as Mr.McMahon’s greatest failure was about to take on his greatest creation i.e. Shane McMahon would take on the Undertaker. The stake could not be much higher as WWE’s ownership itself was in stake and the match turned out to be a dramatic one in which Undertaker rose above WWE’s prodigal son in his own playground known as Wrestlemania.
The AT&T Stadium was on their feet as the bone chilling music of the Deadman hit throughout the arena and he made his spectacular entrance at the grandest stage of Wrestlemania for the 24th time and with that in mind if this was going to be his final time. On the other hand WWE Universe wanted more of Shane who was here to save them from the grasp of Authority. In his other words, he was the “instruments of change” for the WWE Universe at Wrestlemania.
Shane came out first with his children which is a surprise but they came out to support their beloved father. Shane did show the resilience that he is famous for and hit with everything he had. But, despite all the efforts he failed to the Deadman’s legacy at Wrestlemania. He missed a risky jump from top of the cell and Undertaker delivered the Piledriver to advance 23-1 at Wrestlemania.

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