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WWE 2K15 confirmed for PC; more news on the video game

As we all know that the latest WWE video game – WWE 2K15 is about to release on the 31st of this month. It had already been scheduled to release in the following platforms; PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, X Box 360 and X Box One. It is the first WWE video game to be released on PlayStation 4, now, it is also the first major WWE game to be released on PC in twelve years.

However, the date of the PC release has not been confirmed by Take Two interactive yet but it was advertised in some WWE Network promos and on a ratings list from Korea.

It will be a very big thing for the PC users who were noticed to see lamenting all over the internet not to have a good WWE game on PC. We can feeling how heart breaking it was for them to see the trailers of the WWE games and watching gameplays on youtube, but not being able to play them.

The last time a WWE game released in PC was in 2002. It was WWE Raw. PC users applied patches, updates and mods to make this old game new, but they could never had the fun of SVR series or new 2K WWE video games since there were not enough features in WWE Raw.

You could only play exhibition matches, King of the Ring tournament and championship matches. However, the championship matches were just the series of matches, they did not include any storyline. The Nintendo 64 video game WWF No Mercy also had same type of thing where users could play championships but it had decent storylines. WWE Raw had no story mode, neither any season mode or career mode, or anything like that. Basically, it would all seem monotonous after playing for some day.

Surprisingly, there are no WWE games available on PC which had a good story mode. WWE 2K15 would not only be the first WWE game for in 12 years, but also the first PC game to feature story modes.

WWE 2K15 will also be the first WWE video game to feature The Icon Sting. About the features of the game, according to IGN the game will feature a Historical mode which focuses on past legendary rivalries, it had also been declared that the storyline mode would be similar to WWE 2K14’s ‘30 years of WrestleMania’ mode, but will be more like WWE 13’s ‘Attitude Era’ mode. WWE 2K15 will also feature a career mode which will be named ‘My Career.’ There would be some additional features too.

The release date for the other consoles except PC has been declared. Now we are hoping to see they release it very soon on PC too. Hopefully, WWE 2K15 would be the best WWE game in the platform of PC.