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Vince Russo hinted of a New Attitude Era

Former WWE creative writer Vince Russo published a blog on the basis of the questions of 101 Wrestling. Here are some highlights of that blog;

Vince Russo has published a new blog entry on his entertainment website, this time answering 101 wrestling related questions. Here are a few highlights:

The only reason you did anything good in WWE was because Vince McMahon was your filter.

A myth. While all the shows were bounced off Vince for final approval, Vince never changed what Ed and I wrote. He just “tweaked” some things within the segment. If Vince is “the filter”, than how do you explain where ratings are today, compared to when Ed and I were writing the show? And—the ratings have been in the 3-range since 2002.

Could you respond to this Bret Hart quote from 2009 (courtesy of Ministry of Slam radio show): “I think they should take Vince Russo and hang him by the neck somewhere in the back of the parking lot.”

Had many conversations with Bret at WCW, never said anything like this to me. If Bret did indeed say it—than I don’t understand it. I think the world of Bret Hart. Keep in mind, many things have been said about me behind my back—never to my face—so it’s hard for me to really understand the reasoning behind it.

Why book a legitimately injured Bret Hart in a hardcore match with Terry Funk (this is right after Bret was kicked in the head by Goldberg)?

I would never book anybody in a match that was hurt—if I was aware of it. Can’t remember back that far, but I’m sure Breat hadn’t spoke up about his injury yet.

What were your original plans with Bret Hart coming into WCW?

Put him high on the pedastal that he deserved to be on.

Why did you book yourself to win the WCW World Championship?

Just another week of TV. Was never a big deal to me, especially knowing I was going to relinquish it 3 days later.

Ric Flair doesn’t have kind words for you either when talking about his time working with you in WCW. What was your experience working with The Nature Boy?

I loved every second of it. Again, while we worked together Ric never said ANYTHING negative about anything. It was HIS IDEA for me to shave his head. I gave his son, David, the most exposure he ever had in his career. We put his younger son Reed on TV. What more did Ric want? Again—nothing was ever said to me to my face by Ric—even when we worked together later at TNA.

What on earth happened to the Samoe Joe kidnapping angle!?

Tell me and we’ll both know. Unfortunately for my critics–not my idea. I was just as perplexed as you. Still am.

Mike Johnson and Dave Scherer of do not like you, it appears? Why?

Maybe it’s because I had an interview set up with Mike after I left TNA. Then prior to the interview I had a conversation with Mike where he already seemed to know all the answers to the questions before even speaking to me. I told Mike that if he already had the answers—then there was no need in him interviewing me. So I canceled the interview. Dave? Dave is just another guy who writes whatever he wants to write about me without ever confronting me. That’s the power of the computer age . . . i guess.

The “Attitude Era” was a blatant ripoff of ECW!

Yeah, I hear that alot. I knew of ECW, and had maybe seen a handful of shows. No offense, but what they were doing at the time had no impact on me whatsover during the birth of the “Attitude Era”. Here’s a great story of how the “attitude Era” actually started. It was Vince’s birthday—I had to get him something. What do you buy a millionaire? So, I bought him a T-Shirt that said, “Keep your ATTITUDE to yourself—I have enough of my own.” That was literally weeks before the “Attitude Era” was born.

Do you RESPECT the dirt sheets as a whole? Why or why not?

Very few members. Why? It’s real simple. out of all the BS said about me over the past 20 years, I can count maybe 1, or 2 instances where I was actually “contacted” for a response. They wrote whatever they wanted to write because there was no accountability. Just like they said a few weeks ago that I was under contract with TNA. Even with all the rumors concerning my status of late—NOBODY—has picked up the phone to ask ME. How can you respect that?

Do you read the dirt sheets?

Honestly? When I’m working on my computer, and I just need to step away from what I’m writing–I’ll pop on. You have to understand, since so many mistruths have been wriiten about me, it’s hard for me to really look at those sites with any legitimacy. You just never know what’s true, and what’s inaccurate.

What was the “real” Vince McMahon like?

WOW—not too many people know. When you get past all the layers, and there’s a level of trust, you see a Vince that very few see. A guy that never grew up, and was still a kid at heart in many aspects. That wasn’t a good thing—it was a great thing. I loved those times I got to spend with the unguarded Vince. I actually miss them.

Do you ever regret leaving WWE for WCW?

Tough question. I have to go back to WHY I left. I was literally on the verge of a nervous breakdown at that point. Vince had added “Smackdown” without even talking to Ed and I about it, and the pressure, stress and work load just became to much to handle. You have to remember there weren’t 20 people writing TV back then—there was TWO—Ed Ferrara and myself. It was just too much.

Were you ever physically threatened by any wrestlers?

Yes. Shawn threatened me once by saying, “I know I can take you”, which was his “funny” way of threatening me, and Goldberg made me feel uneasy once. That’s about it, and that’s ridiculous on all our parts because at the end of the day it’s just business—nothing is personal.