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Brock Lesnar vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins ended in a No Contest

Everyone knew it was going to take an act of God for Seth Rollins to walk away from his WWE World Heavyweight Championship defense against Brock Lesnar with the title still around his waist. What happened at WWE Battleground was close to it.

In the closing moments of a harrowing, physical contest, just as Lesnar was covering a battered and beaten Rollins following an F5, the lights in the Scottrade Center cut to black, the bell tolled and The Undertaker made his return to WWE.

The champion and the official had escaped the ring under cover of darkness, leaving only The Phenom and the man who broke his legendary WrestleMania Streak. The two titans considered one another from opposite sides of the squared circle. Brock’s eyes displayed shock, surprise, perhaps even a bit of fear. The Deadman’s eyes burned with fury. He’d been planning this moment since the night of April 6, 2014. That much was clear.

And then they went at it with the unbridled rage of two lions fighting over a fresh carcass. Undertaker tried for the chokeslam, which Brock avoided and turned into an F5. The Deadman slipped away from Lesnar’s paws, though, and, shockingly, kicked him right between the legs. It was foul play, but it crumbled The Beast and gave The Phenom a chance to hit a massive chokeslam and then a devastating Tombstone to the 1 in 22-1. Yet another spine jarring Tombstone followed moments later.

The Undertaker dropped to a knee and struck his signature pose in the center of the ring as lighting crashed and his haunting theme echoed throughout the arena. It was a thrilling moment, but as he made his way out of the ring — and the event went off the air, signaling a No Contest ending to the title match — you couldn’t help but feel a bit disarmed by the frenzied look in The Undertaker’s face. Paul Heyman may have christened his Beast the “God of Violent Retribution,” but on this night that name was more befitting of The Undertaker.

Twenty minutes earlier, Brock had appeared invincible. Of course, if Rollins was intimidated, he didn’t show it. The champion possesses a level of self-confidence that could irritate Kanye West and he displayed it by barking, “I’m the future!” as Lesnar made his way down the aisle. When ring introductions were out of the way, the punishment was immediate. Brock backed the champion into the corner and began slamming his shoulder into Rollins’ ribcage, turning bone to powder with every thrust. The crowd buzzed with anticipation. Lesnar has dismembered people he doesn’t even know just to make a point. What would he do to a guy that literally called him out?

Seth’s survival strategy was simple: stay on the run and attack Brock’s knees when the opportunity presented itself. Lesnar’s strategy was even simpler: destroy. The Beast controlled the pace for the bulk of the contest. His first German suplex connected barely a minute into the match — a throw so powerful that Rollins actually bounced up off the mat and landed face down. A second one immediately followed. And then another and another. By the time Lesnar delivered the fifth straight suplex, you knew it was going to be a long night at the office for Seth Rollins.

There was no escape for the champion. When a battered Rollins attempted to run out of the arena with his title, Brock bolted out of the ring and hurdled over the barricade in one insane motion. Within seconds, The Architect was in The Beast’s grasp and thrown back into the ring.

The suplexing continued. Rollins folded like a bad poker hand on the sixth toss. But when Brock went for a seventh, Rollins used his insane agility to land on his feet. The Architect grabbed his biggest advantage of the bout at this point, throwing kick after kick at his massive challenger. The opportunist went for a Pedigree, only to be snapped up into an F5. Rollins avoided the move, however, and continued his frenzied attack on The Beast. Two straight dives wobbled Brock on the outside, but when he went for a third, Lesnar slid back in the ring and dispatched Seth with a belly to belly suplex. Then it was four more German suplexes that would have made Karl Gotch cringe.

All that talk about Suplex City leading up to WWE Battleground wasn’t just clever marketing. Lesnar gave his opponent a personally guided tour of America’s most dangerous borough, continually using Rollins’ skull to leave gaping potholes up and down Main Street.

The champion was road kill at that point and Lesnar, with perhaps a shred of sympathy, powered him up and took him out with an F5. There was no way Rollins was kicking out, but then he didn’t have to. The Undertaker arrived like some mad avenger, a conflicted hero hell bent on retribution. It had been more than a year since Lesnar beat The Deadman at WrestleMania, snapping The Undertaker’s legendary 21-0 winning Streak in the single most shocking moment in WWE history.

The Deadman had only appeared once since then, returning to The Grandest Stage of Them All to topple Bray Wyatt. So why now? Why did The Undertaker chose the closing moments of Brock’s WWE World Heavyweight Title Match at Battleground to target The Beast? Had he been preparing to confront Lesnar since April 2014 and only now felt physically and mentally ready? Did all of that biblical speak from Paul Heyman trigger something in The Phenom? Hell, had Chief Operating Officer Triple H convinced him to do it?

Those questions will hopefully be answered soon, but, for now, one thing is for certain: The dead have risen.

Charlotte def. Brie Bella and Sasha Banks

The new blood pulsing through the veins of the Divas division was just set to a boil. In a clash of Diva clans – Team Bella, Team Paige and Team B.A.D. – each trio selected one member of their squad to represent them at WWE Battleground with Charlotte prevailing over Brie Bella and Sasha Banks to shine the spotlight on Team Paige.

Earlier in the night, Stephanie McMahon announced a Divas Triple Threat Match, continuing to turn up the heat within the division. Earlier in the week on Raw, Stephanie lit a match under the existing Divas by promoting NXT standouts Charlotte, Becky Lynch and NXT Divas Champion Sasha Banks to the main roster. The revolutionary move caused immediate friction between Team Bella (Divas Champion Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox), Team Paige (Paige, Charlotte and Becky) and Team B.A.D. (Naomi, Tamina and Sasha).

That friction ignited when Charlotte faced off against Brie and Sasha with each leaving it all on the mat. The NXT Women’s Champion got off to an impressive start with a flourish of offense. Early in the bout, Sasha pinned both Charlotte and Brie separately before each kicked out at two. Then it was Charlotte’s opportunity to soar. Amid chants of “NXT,” the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair unleashed on her opponents with a double clothesline. The three traded rounds of offense before the action flew outside the ring, involving each of the three teams as well. When the action resumed inside the ropes, it appeared Sasha would seize victory, locking the Bank Statement submission move onto Charlotte. When Brie charged in to break it up, however, she inadvertently allowed Charlotte enough leeway to grab her and lock in her own submission move, the Figure-Eight Leglock. Within seconds, the excruciating move took its toll, and Brie was forced to tap out.   

In the end, Team Paige may have secured the victory, but it’s a rejuvenated Divas division that ultimately proved the winner.

United States Champion John Cena def. Kevin Owens

At the all-too-appropriate setting of WWE Battleground, United States Champion John Cena settled the score with the relentless Kevin Owens, valiantly defending his star-spangled symbol of excellence in an all-out war that pushed both competitors to their limits.

Hours after obliterating Rob Schamberger’s patriotic portrait of The Champ backstage, Owens attempted to create his own twisted masterpiece on the ring’s canvas by humiliating Cena and taking his championship. However, utilizing all of the tools in his arsenal, Cena managed to earn a submission victory over the former NXT Champion.

After absorbing some serious punishment from K.O. in the early goings of this anticipated rubber match, Cena caught Owens with an Attitude Adjustment, a maneuver that somehow only garnered a two-count. With frustration beginning to set in, Cena attempted to go high-risk, taking the challenger to the top rope for a superplex. Anticipating Cena’s next move, Owens reversed the maneuver, sending The Champ crashing down hard on his left shoulder. Cena reeled following that sickening impact, but this fight was far from finished.

Dazed and visibly pained, Cena evaded a Pop-up Powerbomb from his opportunistic foe and again went for the Attitude Adjustment. However, Owens quickly countered with a superkick and nailed Cena with an Attitude Adjustment of his own. Then, Owens further punished the grounded champion with an STF. Wincing in agony while locked in his own submission move, Cena crawled to the bottom rope and, just barely, wrapped his hand around it to break the hold. Once free, Cena planted Owens with a tornado DDT. Pressing the advantage, Cena went for the Springboard Stunner but failed to fully connect with it, leaving him vulnerable to a desperate clothesline from Owens. K.O. once again assumed control of the match until Cena, somehow, hit him with a second Attitude Adjustment. Owens, unwittingly personifying the “Never Give Up” attitude of his adversary, kicked out of the move once again. With disbelief and no small amount of sweat in his eyes, Cena looked out on the WWE Universe as if to ask, “What do I have to do to keep Kevin Owens down?”

After kicking out of Owens’ signature Pop-up Powerbomb — a move that defeated Cena at WWE Elimination Chamber — Cena pulled his 266-pound foe to the middle rope and executed an aerial Attitude Adjustment. Somehow, Owens withstood Cena’s most powerful maneuver a third time, and even came close to stealing a victory when he trapped Cena in a surprise roll-up. After the closest of two-counts, Cena cinched up the STF, dragging Owens to the middle of the ring and forcing the brawler to eventually tap out.

Debuting in WWE on the May 18 edition of Raw, Owens made an immediate impact by attacking Cena and disrespectfully stomping on The Champ’s United States Title. The encounter led to a Champion vs. Champion Match at WWE Elimination Chamber, where the NXT Champion gave Cena a surprising loss. The Cenation leader would defeat the unconventional brawler just two weeks later at Money in the Bank, but it was Owens who was standing tall at the end of the night after nailing Cena with a post-match powerbomb onto the ring apron. Owens suffered his greatest setback on July 4, however, when he lost his NXT Championship to Finn Bàlor at Brock Lesnar: The Beast in the East Live from Tokyo.


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