The Elimination Chamber of 2015 had been a good pay per view event with some shocking conclusions. Let us go through all the matches that took place in the event; Source –

Dean Ambrose def. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins via Disqualification

On the one hand, yes. Rollins retained his title against Dean Ambrose in the main event of WWE Elimination Chamber by disqualification, ensuring he lives to fight another day as WWE World Heavyweight Champion even as he technically lost his defense. But he’ll have a hard time finding anything to defend, as The Lunatic Fringe made good on his Elimination Chamber Kickoff promise to “take” Rollins’ title, absconding with The Architect’s crown jewel moments after the bout and leaving Rollins a titleholder with no title.

How the contest got there is a complicated story involving two referees, an errant knee and a potentially eaten hat, so it’s appropriate that things started off innocuously enough: Rollins, flanked by J&J Security and Kane — acting in their “official” capacity — standing across the ring from a solitary Ambrose, whose planned backup of Roman Reigns was forced to steer clear of the bout or risk Dean’s disqualification. The Lunatic Fringe didn’t seem hampered by the lack of reinforcements; in fact, he appeared energized at the opportunity to take Rollins down by himself, tossing The Architect to the mat and plying a series of holds to weaken the champion in the opening moments. Once the advantage was established, Ambrose went old school to press the advantage, pulverizing Rollins’ chest with chops and a running dropkick before spiking him cranium-first into the canvas by way of a top-rope leg drop.

The strategy wasn’t pretty, but it worked, which is partially why things turned south when Ambrose went fancy with an attempt to superplex Rollins off the top rope. Thanks to an assist from J&J Security, the champ wriggled free of his former Shield brother’s grip and plunged The Lunatic Fringe — himself entangled in the Tree of Woe position — into the mat with a stomp to the sternum.

The WWE Universe didn’t take kindly to Rollins’ tactics, showering him with derisive “Justin Bieber” chants that only drove the champion to play a more savage tune on his challenger. Rollins muscled Ambrose to the mat with a chinlock and, moments later, followed up with a textbook STO into the turnbuckle. With Ambrose knocked loopy, Rollins took the opportunity to pepper his old buddy with a few punches to the face and a corkscrew neckbreaker, the subsequent two-count of which led to a tense face-to-face between Rollins and veteran official John Cone, who will become very important to this story.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens def. United States Champion John Cena (Champion vs. Champion Match: Non-Title)

After one of the hardest-hitting fights in WWE history, a Superstar stood in the ring and declared “The Champ is here!” It wasn’t John Cena.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens walked confidently into the biggest match of his life against Cena and, to the shock of the WWE Universe, walked out with a career-making victory after demolishing The Champ, picking up the victory with his devastating Pop-up Powerbomb.

Owens should have been under the most pressure he’s ever been, but showed no nervousness as he waited for Cena to enter the ring. The NXT Champion was ready, daring the leader of the Cenation to step between the ropes. He was unshaken as the crowd exploded in cheers, some for Cena and some for him. Owens smirked as John Cena held his United States Championship high, knowing what he was capable of doing to Cena.

Cena quickly gave Owens a taste of life on WWE’s main roster, clobbering the NXT Champion with a big shoulder block. The vile NXT upstart returned the favor with a boot to the gut before pummeling The Champ in the corner. He followed up by showing the ruthless, aggressive offense that made him an immediate success in NXT, clawing at Cena’s face and whipping him mercilessly into the turnbuckles.

Owens kept the match going at his slow, methodical pace, wearing Cena down while continually running his mouth. Cena tried to dig deep and power out of Owens’ smothering offense, but the NXT Champion was prepared to cut him off at every junction. The United States Champion tried to use the element of surprise to end the bout, rolling Owens up for a quick pin, but that only infuriated his rival. Owens retaliated by pouncing on Cena and raining punches on him.

Cena grabbed at Owens’s ring gear, pulling himself to his feet as the NXT Champion reminded him who he was in the ring with, urging him to stay down. However, Cena was resilient, though he was met with devastating blows at every turn. The momentum seemed to turn for the Cenation leader as he hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle and avoided the Pop-up Powerbomb. When Owens finally connected with his devastating move, Cena somehow found the wherewithal to kick out.

Ryback def. Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Mark Henry, Sheamus and King Barrett in an Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match

That became readily apparent as Ryback, making his Elimination Chamber Match debut on Sunday, muscled past five opponents to win the battle for the vacant Intercontinental Title at American Bank Arena in Corpus Christi. The Big Guy came up huge in the end by leaving Sheamus Shell Shocked, ensuring a title-clinching win for the insatiable Superstar from Las Vegas.

Ryback’s victory at Elimination Chamber 2015 ends the uncertainty surrounding the Intercontinental Championship that was created by the title’s previous owner. Nearly three weeks ago on Raw, Daniel Bryan officially vacated the Intercontinental Title as a result of an injury he sustained after his own championship victory at WrestleMania 31. Bryan’s abrupt exit led to an official announcement by The Authority, confirming the next Intercontinental Champion would be determined from a field of six Superstars competing in the vaunted Elimination Chamber Match.

Another injury also unsettled matters at Elimination Chamber just hours before the bell rang in the historic bout. Renee Young revealed exclusively on Periscope that Rusev was not cleared to compete due to injury, fueling rampant speculation about the identity of a last-minute replacement. The guesses only grew after Booker T clarified during the Elimination Chamber Kickoff that the substitute was “a former world champion,” but even that hint didn’t stifle the shock experienced by the WWE Universe when they learned that Rusev would be replaced by Mark Henry.

Henry gleefully entered the Elimination Chamber Match first, opening the parade of competitors making their way into a bout that has an innate ability to expose its combatants’ every emotion. While Henry smiled, Sheamus remained steadfast. R-Truth elected a serious demeanor over singing his own entrance theme, while Ryback rattled the cage door and King Barrett used his scepter to clink the chain.

The 2015 King of the Ring winner opened the contest against the final Superstar to reach the ring, Dolph Ziggler. Barrett applied a slow and deliberate pace against the high energy of The Showoff, who tried to end his longtime rival’s night with a quick pinfall in the match’s first minute. The British brawler, making his third Elimination Chamber Match appearance, used his past experience to take control by using his steel-enclosed environment and Ryback’s glass pod to mercilessly damage Ziggler.

The New Day won the WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Since its inception in 2002, there have only been 19 Elimination Chamber Matches, so it was fitting for the 20th encounter inside the unforgiving structure to be something completely new and extraordinary: the first tag team contest inside the Elimination Chamber. With the titles at stake, WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day managed to outlast five opposing teams and narrowly escape with their championship reign intact.

Earlier in the evening, WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day approached WWE Director of Operations Kane to receive some acknowledgement for their recent aid of The Authority. To repay the trio, Kane drastically altered the impending Chamber Match by permitting all three members of New Day to compete in the contest. Though forced to squeeze inside one Chamber pod — unless, as Kane offered, they chose to start the match — the champions readily accepted the advantage. A wise decision, indeed, by The New Day.

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