The first pay per view event after WrestleMania is about to take place this Sunday. All five championships in WWE will be defended in this event. WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins will defend his world title against ‘The Apex Predator’ Randy Orton, WWE United States champion John Cena will grant Rusev a rematch whereas Daniel Bryan will defend his Intercontinental championship against the former five times champion Bad News Barrett. Sportzwiki presents experts predictions of the matches from the event all the way from;

Roman Reigns vs. Big Show (Last Man Standing Match)

@JoeyStyles: Any man who can smile at an uncaged Brock Lesnar and draw the beast’s blood, like Roman Reigns did at WrestleMania, obviously has a high tolerance for physical pain. That doesn’t mean he’s prepared for Big Show’s KO Punch, which I am told is like getting smashed in the skull with a steel shot put. Both men have the power to put the other down for a 10-count but only one has the speed to avoid being put down. Reigns can avoid the KO Punch, but Big Show can’t avoid the spear. It will take several rib-cracking spears, perhaps one through the ringside barrier, for Reigns to fell the giant, but he can and he will. Believe that. WINNER: Roman Reigns

Anthony Benigno: The 2014 Superstar of the Year and the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner have been circling each other since December, and it’s time to put this endlessly-simmering rivalry to bed with a big bang. It’s only fitting that the stipulation is Last Man Standing, because whoever wins this will literally have to leave the other man in a heap. Big Show’s got the size and the momentum, coming off his WrestleMania win and Roman’s loss, and that seems to have made all the difference in the weeks leading up to this confrontation. Reigns has been fighting from underneath for the first time in his career for a few months now. Expect the growing pains to continue, if only for one more pay-per-view. WINNER: Big Show

Scott Taylor: At first glance, it would appear Big Show has the advantage in this contest due to his 7-foot, 450-pound frame. But those rules don’t apply to Roman Reigns. The Big Dog showed at WrestleMania that he can take a brutal beating and come back for more. This will be beneficial when facing The World’s Largest Athlete. WINNER: Roman Reigns

Matthew Artus: As a former ECW Champion with a resume as long as he is tall, Big Show knows how to handle the hardcore atmosphere of Extreme Rules. However, Roman Reigns’ history at the event includes a WWE Tag Team Title-clinching win and the dismantling of Evolution. Reigns is ready to complete the trifecta. WINNER: Roman Reigns

@HowardFinkel: These two Superstars, pure and simple, just do not like each other. They are each hell bent on putting the other out of commission. There’s an old slogan: “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” I think that will hold true here, but eventually it will be Reigns winding up as the last man standing. WINNER: Roman Reigns

Sportzwiki Prediction – Roman Reigns to win

Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett

@JoeyStyles: As I write this prediction, I don’t believe that this match will happen because Bryan is undergoing diagnostic testing to see if he can defend his title on Sunday. Daniel Bryan was stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship following a neck injury and his long-term health has been questioned since he returned. For his own good, I would like Bryan to realize that forfeiting the Intercontinental Championship and voluntarily taking time off is a better long-term career strategy. However, the star of “Yes!”-tleMania 30 didn’t get to where he is by not fighting every battle, no matter how ill-advised. If Bryan is cleared to compete Sunday and chooses to do so, I expect Bad News Barrett, who was not pinned or submitted to lose the title, to regain the Intercontinental Championship. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

Anthony Benigno: This is the night’s biggest question mark, and not necessarily because Bad News Barrett’s been on a warpath since losing the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. His win-loss record hasn’t exactly been immaculate since Santa Clara, Calif., but he’s beaten the crap out of enough people, Daniel Bryan included, that taking the prize back from The Beard at less than 100 percent should be relatively easy pickings. Knowing Bryan, whose participation hinges entirely on diagnostic testing over a recent injury, WWE officials will have to physically restrain him from competition, and that seems the best chance he has of keeping the Intercontinental Title. If he competes, though, he’ll make like a certain bridge in Barrett’s homeland and fall down, courtesy of a Bull Hammer from the new champ. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

Scott Taylor: Bad News Barrett’s claim that Daniel Bryan is a “paper champion” may sound harsh, but until The Beard can defeat Barrett one-on-one with the title on the line, they aren’t completely unfounded. Unfortunately for Bryan, Bad News is coming his way. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

Matthew Artus: Both Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett netted their first respective Extreme Rules victories at last year’s event, but the former’s traveled a longer road in the year that’s passed. Bryan has more to prove, and the “Yes!” Movement simply will not be denied this time. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

@HowardFinkel: Being the challenger in this match does not suit Barrett’s fancy one iota. Bryan has done a very good job of representing himself as champion, yet I feel as if “BNB” on this night will be three seconds better than his opponent, and in the process will regain the Intercontinental Title. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

Sportzwiki Prediction – Daniel Bryan to retain

Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs. Naomi

@JoeyStyles: Naomi says she has waited long enough for an opportunity to compete for the Divas Championship and she’s right. If I were Naomi, I would have been attacking people long before now. On Sunday, Nikki Bella is going to bear the brunt of Naomi’s five years of frustration. I expect to see Naomi, wife of former WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso, add more gold to the Anoa’i family dynasty. WINNER: Naomi

Anthony Benigno: Who knew Naomi had it in her? The Diva known for her dance moves flipped the script pretty severely when she took out Paige a couple weeks ago, effectively cementing herself as next in line for the Divas Title. That’s a dance we’ve done with Naomi before — she nearly stripped AJ Lee of the title at WrestleMania 30 — but perhaps the new attitude was really what the former Funkadactyl really needed to reach new heights. Expect a new beat from Naomi, and a new champion for the Divas division. WINNER: Naomi

Scott Taylor: Despite her unpopular path to this Divas Championship Match, Naomi’s recent victories over Nikki Bella ultimately make her a deserving No. 1 contender. The athletic Diva has the ability to one day carry the butterfly-emblazoned title, but I think Brie Bella will prove to be the x-factor in this contest. WINNER: Nikki Bella

Matthew Artus: Nikki Bella’s only Extreme Rules bout to date ended in tragedy, specifically in her first Divas Title reign coming to an end in 2012. History will repeat itself at this year’s edition, both because Naomi proved she can beat Nikki last month on WWE Main Event and because she’ll stop at nothing to do it again. WINNER: Naomi

@HowardFinkel: Having the right attitude can get you everywhere in WWE. You can ask Naomi about that. Whether or not you agree with how she tweaked her approach is secondary to the fact that she finally has what she wants: a Divas Championship Match. However, Nikki Bella has proven her mettle as champion, and to me, she will prove it again by retaining. WINNER: Nikki Bella

Sportzwiki Prediction – Naomi to become new champion

WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs. The New Day (Kickoff Match)

@JoeyStyles: I hate to say it, but The New Day is actually going to have a reason to clap. Now that Big E and Kofi Kingston have made it evident that they are more than willing to have Xavier Woods help them win matches, I predict that the copper-colored WWE Tag Team Titles will make the fluorescent New Day an even greater eyesore on WWE TV. WINNERS: The New Day

Anthony Benigno: The New Day sucks? Sure doesn’t look like it. Ever since the positivity-preachers started peeling back the happy-go-lucky veneer of their public personas, exposing just a smidge of resentment against the WWE Universe for rejecting their mantra, they’ve discovered a much-needed edge in the ring. The reality is, Kofi Kingston and Big E are pretty much tailor-made opponents for Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, with the difference being that the champs have been leaning more toward their unmatched skill set than swinging the bout with Natalya on the outside as they did early in their reign. The New Day has no such squabbles, deploying Xavier Woods as needed to stack the deck in their favor. Look for the “Professionals’” honor to fail them, and our first Freebird Rule tag titleholders in forever. How’s that for a fact? WINNERS: The New Day

Scott Taylor: The New Day’s newfound attitude may not be helping them win over the WWE Universe, but it looks to be helping their in-ring game. A New Day is upon WWE’s tag team division. WINNERS: The New Day

Matthew Artus: You may not clap for how The New Day clinched this WWE Tag Team Championship Match, though you shouldn’t dismiss their chances, either. The key to this match is the performance of Kofi Kingston, a former three-time tag titleholder with an Extreme Rules resume that includes a U.S. Title win in 2011. WINNERS: The New Day

@HowardFinkel: Crisp in their execution and fluid in their moves, the current tag champs are impressive, as their synergy is amazing. The same can be said for The New Day, although it appears that many in the WWE Universe are not enamored with the trio. With Natalya and Xavier Woods jockeying for position on the outside, I look for a closely contested contest, with Kidd and Cesaro retaining their titles. WINNERS: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

Sportzwiki Prediction – Cesaro and Tyson Kidd to Retain

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