Arguably, this was the most anticipated match of the night. It went through a decent storyline and a good build up. Evolution came into the arena first. The Shield entered after them and they took a little time before their entry.

The match started in the tornado style as all the six superstars went head to head. Seth Rollins clotheslined Triple H out of the ring, Dean Ambrose threw Randy Orton out and Roman Reigns pushed Batista out.

Evolution took a while before going back into the ring. Triple H started things off against Seth Rollins. Rollins looked to be the stronger one as he started to hit Triple H with random punches and kicks. Triple H tried to get the control but Rollins kept it in his hands. Triple H tried his best to get the control but Rollins proved to be too stronger for him.

Rollins clotheslined Triple H out of ring and nailed him with a diving body outside of the ring. Rollins picked Triple H back in the ring. Before he could go back, Orton created a space for Triple H to capitalize as he tried to attack Rollins.

Rollins punched Orton right into the face and went back in. As soon as he went inside the ring Triple H clotheslined him.

Triple H tagged Batista and Batista started to dominate Rollins as soon as he went to the ring. Batista pushed Rollins their own corner and hit some shoulder strikes. He tagged Orton and Orton came in. Orton distracted referee as Triple H and Batista stomped Rollins from the apron.

Orton pushed Rollins to the apron and stomped him onto the chest and hit chest first onto the lower rope. Orton tagged Triple H and the game came in. Triple kept punishing Rollins with various moves. Triple H tagged Batista and Batista came in to punish Rollins more.

All three members of the Evolution kept coming again and again to punish Rollins. Rollins somehow got out of the punishment as he hit a back drop on Orton who was locking him in a neck lock. Rollins tried to make the tag, and Orton stopped him. Rollins reversed Orton’s maneuver with a standing Enzugiri.

Rollins made the tag to Dean Ambrose and he came in to attack Orton straight. Ambrose punished Orton by serious means, Batista and Triple H tried to prevent them but they could not. Ambrose locked Orton in the figure 4 leg lock. Triple H broke the move. Roman Reigns came in to save Ambrose from the two illegal men of Evolution.

Reigns went outside and struck Batista with the barricade. Reigns attempted to spear Triple H but Triple H dummied as Reigns hit himself with the steel steps.

Evolution started to punish Ambrose now. After five minutes of solid domination, Ambrose finally capitalized as he saved himself from Triple H’s Pedigree. Triple H stood up and Ambrose hit a DDT on Triple H.

Ambrose made the tag to Reigns and Triple H tagged Batista. Reigns came in to hurt all the three members of the Shield. Reigns alone proved to be stronger than Evolution as he kept manhandle the three single handedly.

The Shield attempted the triple power bomb on Batista and they connected it. Reigns covered Batista as Triple H and Orton pulled Reigns out of the ring. They started punching Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins came out to save Reigns, Rollins attempted a flying body which Triple H dummied and Rollins struck himself with the barricade.

Orton and Ambrose fought outside as Triple H went in and hit Pedigree on Reigns. Triple H tried to pull Batista on Reigns for the pin but Ambrose blocked him. He pulled Triple H out and started fighting with him. Batista somehow made the cover on Reigns and Reigns was able to kick out.

Orton went inside and hit RKO on Reigns. Batista went for the cover again, and Seth Rollins came out to save the match. Orton pulled Rollins out and they started fighting outside of the ring. Triple H also went for Rollins and both Orton and Triple H started beat Rollins.

Dean Ambrose came out to save his partner and he knocked out both Triple H and Orton with double elbow strikes. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose took Orton and Triple H to the audience and kept beating them. Their fight proved to be quite solid as they dragged each other farther.

They were near to the entrance gate of the audience, the fight kept going on. The fans were really excited as they chanted Holy Sh*t. Orton pushed Ambrose down to the stairs. Triple H and Orton went for Ambrose again. The two kept beating Ambrose badly, as Seth Rollins jumped on all three of them from the top.

All four superstars were down as the holy sh*t chant continued by the audience. We are now back to the ring where Batista and Roman Reigns were standing up, both were beaten badly. Both stood up as Reigns ran towards Batista and Batista hit a spine buster on Reigns.

Batista taunted for his finishing maneuver Batista Bomb. He pulled Reigns up and attempted Batista Bomb, Reigns pulled himself out of it and knocked down Batista with a solid punch. Reigns taunted for Spear, as Batista stood up Reigns nailed him with the Spear. He attempted the pin and he got it.

Roman Reigns went to his partners and taunted the victory pose. The Shield defeated Evolution.


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