The match card of Extreme Rules contains a number of good matches, but there is something seriously not good about it. Most of the matches have nothing to do with the title of the event. Still, it has the potential to be a great event. Let us predict the result of all the matches that have been listed;

Pre Show – WeeLC match – Hornswoogle vs. El Torito – I do not think fans would be much frustrated to see this match on the card, it might not be the best match of the night, but it can certainly be entertaining. A WeeLC match, which would be similar to a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, we never saw such a match between midget wrestlers in WWE. We predict Hornswoogle would win this match.

Match 1 – WWE World Heavyweight championship – Extreme Rules match – Daniel Bryan vs. Kane – I do not know if this match could seriously attract the fans a lot as we have seen these two athletes fighting for so many times before the in the past. They tried to build it up with a decent storyline (Let us not talk about how decent the storyline is) and re-masking Kane, and also adding a stipulation. But it would be interesting to see an Extreme Rules between these two former friends, however, it is very much predictable; Daniel Bryan is definitely going to defeat Kane and he will retain the championship.

Match 2 – Evolution vs. The Shield – Arguably, this is going to be the most anticipated match of the event. The Shield is currently a very famous stables, and all the three superstars of this stable are very popular as well. The match has been built up just to give a greater push to the Shield. We think Evolution is going to win, they have been united after ten long years, just for a defeat? We do not think so.

Match 3 – Steel Cage Match – John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt – It does not matter who wins this match but this feud must end at this event because it is turning out to be quite boring. This match can be used as Cena’s heel turn as well. Cena’s kayfabe frustration on the fans was shown last week on Raw, so there was a hint of Cena’s heel turn. So they might use this match as his heel turn. We think Bray Wyatt is going to win this match.

Match 4 – WWE Intercontinental championship – Big E vs. Bad News Barrett – No stipulation for this match, but it was quite obvious. They are fighting each other for the first time. We think Big E’s title reign would come to an end at Extreme Rules as Barrett would be given a push.

Match 5 – Triple Threat Elimination match – Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger – I did not understand the point of this match. Generally, a triple threat match is built as a title match or a no 1 contender’s match. There is nothing on the line here. We think this match will be won by Cesaro and they would try to project Cesaro as an unstoppable force.

Match 6 – WWE Divas championship – Paige vs. Tamina Snuka – Tamina is given the opportunity because AJ Lee is out of the scene right now. All eyes would be on Paige as she is doing quite a brilliant job. Our prediction is, paige is doing to retain.

Match 7 – 2 on 1 handicap match – R Truth and Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev – Quite obviously, this match is arranged to give Rusev a push and without any doubt, we predict Rusev is going to win this match. And there is nothing much to talk about it.


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